Friday, July 06, 2007

and so the fun will actually begin.

I will be the 1st to admit, our summer has been extremely boring. Since Hunter's accident, we really haven't spent anytime outside. Hot weather + a cast = itching. And it's been raining a l m o s t e v e r y d a y. (I'm not complaining! Just statin the obvious.)

So the week of the 9th - 13th is going to liven things up a bit. VBS (otherwise known as Vacation Bible School) starts. And while I'm excited, here my complaint. You'd think in a town as small as this one, churches would hold VBS at different times. No. 3 churches are having there's all on the same week and the same week the library is having a circus for story time. Come on people! People like me who need activities for their children would love to have things spread out. Hey, at least we got choices. Hunter gets to attend a morning VBS, but atlas Jayden is too young. But this morning VBS starts at 8AM. Yes, that's a little early for us. I couldn't tell you the last morning my children ever work up before 9:00. I guess this will be a VERY GOOD practice for Kindergarten. In the evening, both boys get to attend VBS from 5:30-8:00 and they will provide supper for the kids each night. WOW! This evening VBS is also at the church where Jayden will be attending preschool. I'm hoping he will make some friends. I hoping at both, Hunter will also meet some kids who will go to school with him. I'm just hoping to check things out. But if speaking with the pastor is any indication, things should be great!

Finally!!!! Something exciting for us to embark on :)