Thursday, July 05, 2007

what are you to do?

my plan was to get online today to blog about our 4th of July and to post some of the cute pictures from Hunter's b-day and our fun 4th of July seeing an awesome fireworks show.

but that all changed when I picked up my car from getting it's oiled changed and I found my almost brand new digital camera MISSING. so, in typical Angie fashion, I panic. I run back inside making sure it isn't sitting on my table next to the computer or at my computer desk. Nope. let's see, I took it to the golf course last night and granted, took some extremely cute pictures of the kids while watching fireworks. I remember the battery was almost dead, so I put it back in my case and remember putting it on my arm to carry it back to the car. I also remember setting it in the car next to my purse. so I start tearing my car apart when I find the case to the camera under my seat. strange. I never take the camera out of the case unless it's in use or charging. so I rip the car apart and find NO camera. I'm pissed. I call the golf course, I call the country club, I check with Justin but the camera is no where to be found. Justin remembers me putting it in the car and I remember it being in there this morning when I got in. That only leaves one place it could have gone missing. So I call up to the service station to see who changed my oil. Turns out the young kid who was suspicious looking for the get go. (yes, I know I shouldn't be judgemental but I knew I had a funny feeling for some reason.) I proceed to tell the manager that my car arrived with a digital camera sitting on the floor bed and when I got the car home, the camera case was found under my seat with NO camera. He asks the kid about it and the kid says he knows nothing. what am I to do? I have no proof the kid took the camera, only a very strong suspicion. And the owner of the service station is out of town.

so now I'm down. all of Hunter's b-day pictures were on the camera. all of our fun from the 4th. our waterballon fight, the sparklers, the homemade cookie cake, all the memories of Hunter's 5th birthday. I've already lost so much when my harddrive crashed 3 years ago. yet another birthday of Hunter's gone.

I've spent all afternoon tearing my house and car apart. I've grilled the kids. too many things are just suspicious. like why is the camera gone but not the pink flowery case with the big puffy butterfly? how did the case get under the seat? it couldn't have fallen because there are too many wires in the way. the camera could not have fallen out of the case because the case closes and I know I always close it. the camera had a wrist band and I always put the camera in the case, closed the case and carried it via the wristband. I'm so frustrated. we just got this camera and I loved it. I don't care if the kid took it, just give it back. hell, just give me my memory chip.

Justin called to ask who changed my oil and I told him. he said he wasn't surprised my camera was missing if that's who it was. the kid is nothing but trouble.


shalonda said...

OH NO!!!!!! I can't imagine how angry and super sad you are! IFf it makes you feel any better my super sassy and pricey diaper bag got stolen from target a few months ago! Whay can't people just be honest good people anymore? I am so sorry that you lost all of those wonderful pics...