Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So the search continues.....

Our first day of VBS went well. Not sure what Hunter learned yesterday morning beside 'Boom Chicka Boom. I said a Boom Chicka Boom.' That's all he sang yesterday afternoon.

At our evening VBS, the kids are working with a misson to help a little boy who is going blind. I arrived early to pick the boys up and caught the video of the little boy talking about receiving his seeing eye dog. Of course, Hunter had a million question about going blind. As we walked out of VBS, the boys were handed an envelope to bring back today with a donantion for the mission. I ask the boys who's money was going in the envelope, mine or their's.

Hunter asks "why does a blind kid want money?"

I told him so we can help him get his seeing eye dog.

Jayden chimes in with "can we just give him Jezabell instead of our money?"

Hunter then says, "No don't give him Jezabell. We will just stand in the road with our boot to collect quarters for him. Mom, you said we had to have a cause and now we do. Do you think VBS will give us his picture to put on the boot?"

okay, he's 5. He shouldn't know what a 'cause' is. I thought my using 'big' words he'd give it up. Guess not!

and yes, Shalonda, Hunter was the one to lock himself in the bathroom!!! I had forgotten about that. Thanks for the reminder!!! For those who don't know the story. We were at a small little hall for my Aunt and Uncle's anniversary party, and we let Hunter go to the bathroom all by himself. After a while, we notice he still isn't back. Turns out, the kid locked the door and didn't know how to unlock it. Of couse, we didnt' have a key for it and it was in full panic mode. Thankfully my cousin is a firefighter (we always knew he would come in handy one day!) and he was able to save the day. See, when you invite us to a party, it's never dull!


shalonda said...

You forgot to mention that while all of this commotion was going on Jayden proceeded to get little "tastes" of the yet to be cut cake, lol!!! He was just tasting it and he wanted us to eat it so he could play with the motorcycle that was on top! LOL!!!! Hilarious!