Friday, July 20, 2007

Rain ~ Rain, GO AWAY.

In all seriousness. I didn't complain for the 1st 2 1/2 months of rain. I was grateful and all, but now, come on. We are out of the drought and into flood stages some places. I've run out of things to do indoors and I feel bad that my kids are now infront of the TV most of the day. Granted they are having a blast with the new vtech toys, but I would rather it be 105 degrees so we could finally set up our spiderman slip n' slide.

Now that we are a little closer to Houston, the candle business is taking off. I no longer have to scout out every Wal-Mart in Austin and surrounding cities for jars, wholesale is closer. Which means new jars and a whole new look. It's exciting.

Enough business on the 'personal' blog.

So Justin and I took the kids to Sugarland yesterday to pick up jars. rained the whole way there, the whole time we were in and around Houston and the whole way home. And people in Houston, just don't slow down in the rain. It's raining so hard I can't see anything in front of me so I'm going about 30 MPH and people are just flying past me. It so wasn't a lot of fun.

And with the rain, swimming lessons get canceled. And that devastates the boys :( Though they had a blast again Wednesday night when Hunter proclaimed that his teacher was "jealous of his cool moves." alright kid.

looking forward to a weekend full of rain.