Wednesday, February 28, 2007

hanging by a thread.

Just when I though dental work could get no worse, BAM, I'm hit with the worst of all. A biopsy.

I already knew it was going to be bad and I tried all morning to calm my anxiety. And I was doing great..............until the first needle hit. Holy Mother of God. My hands dug into the chair, my legs curled to my chest, I started shaking and yes, I was crying. I was shaking so bad, the doctor started shaking. Imagine........needles going into the roof of your mouth. The back part....near your throat. I had a total of 4 shots into my soft pallet. When you are numb like that, you always feel swollen. So I felt like my throat was swollen shut and I had the doctor's hand in my mouth attempting to cut out the bump, which he did successfully, and I now have 3 stitches.

I thought the worst was over but then the numbing meds wore off. . . . . before I could get my pain meds. WOW! Talk about uncomfortable pain. I was in tears again.

I now have some relief but it's pretty bad. I can't eat. Drinking feel weird. Yawning stretches my mouth open which brings tears to my eyes. Even talking is uncomfortable.

I get the results from the biopsy by the end of the week and go back next week to have the stitches out.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

today's the dreaded day........

I've been dreading this day since I made the appointment almost a week and a half ago. And it dawned on me yesterday, this little bump has taken up residence pretty far back in the roof of my mouth. So far back, that yes, when you try to touch the thing, my gag reflex kicks in. Meaning that this morning, not only am I going to have needles stuck into the top of my mouth, but I'm also going to have some sort of instrument gagging me all the while the doctor attempts to cut this thing out.

and I wonder why I didn't sleep last night and my stomach is a ball of nerves..................

Thursday, February 22, 2007

It took me about 2 hours last night to get our taxes finalized and about 2 minutes this morning to allocate where all the money was going. 3 months of saved mortgages, tile, roof, landscaping and possibiy carpet. UGH! Let's just hope/pray/cross fingers that this house sells quickly and the 3 months of saved mortgages can be put to other use.

the house is coming along fairly well. here's the scary before bathroom picture:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the nice yellow stain is what you get when you use rubber backed bath mats on white linoelum. Gotta love that.

And here's the after:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

now I have the daunting task of trying to match up paint in the kitchen. we gave the paint away for someone else to paint their kitchen. can you say BIG MISTAKE?

the boys are rocking their bunkbeds:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and I'm rocking my new floor:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(if I could only figure out where I put that bedskirt!)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our in depth conversation

Today would be Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Following in the tradition in which I was raised, I abstain from eating red meats on Ash Wednesday and every Friday during Lent. And now I'm working on instilling these traditions into my children. So, our morning went something like this:

I spent about 20 minutes fighting with Hunter over what he could wear. Gym shorts & a t-shirt were a NO and the kid flat out didn't want to wear anything else. I finally just had to dress him myself. We grabbed shoes and rushed out the door at 11:15 making a quick pit stop at the Store for a coke. The boys started the mantra of "We want McDonald's." But I was holding my ground. We, meaning 'they' included, were not going to eat meat today. So I started with, "Boys, we are on our way to church for Ash Wednesday. There, we are going to get ashes on our forhead to remind us that Jesus died for our sins. Ash Wednesday also calls for us to fast and not eat meat. We also won't be eating meat on Friday's. Only fish. And guys, chicken nuggets are meat. We aren't going to eat them today." You can see the shock on Hunter's face and he panics,

"OH MY GOD MOM, did Jesus die because he didn't eat meat? I don't want to die. I just wanna eat meat."

"No, Hunter, Jesus died for our sins. Giving up meat is just a small thing compared to what he did."

"But can we still have chicken nuggets today?'

"Hunter are you listening to me at all?"

"Mom, I'm sorry for hitting Jayden. If I confess all my sins can we have chicken nuggets?"

"Hunter, lets go to church and listen to what they say about lent and Ash Wednesday."

"Mom, can I give the church the lint out of my pockets? Is that what they are going to put on my head?"

"No dear, we gave the church our palms from last year and they burned them to make ashes. That's what you will be receiving."

"But why do we have to eat fish?"

here's where I start to stumble..........................being a Sunday school teacher comes in handy.

"Well Hunter, remember last Sunday when we talked about James, Peter and John fishing. And they caught all those fish."

"Yep..............oh wait mom, are we going to be eating all the extra fish they caught? Cause that would be cool. I could not eat meat then."

Finally we are at church. Thank goodness. Praise the Lord. Now I just have to make it through with both kids. And I'm feeling pretty confident. Until I go to get Jayden out of the car and I realize he's missing one shoe. Turns out he threw it out the window when we stopped at the store for a coke.

As for giving something up for lent, I've made the brave descision to not only give up fast food but chocolate.

And after I spent all morning trying to teach the kids about not eating meet, Kreg calls to tell me he had Wendy's for lunch. There went setting a good example.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Been There & Survived It

I know God has a sense of humor: I have proof living in my house! They're ages 3 and 4 1/2, and they're the reason I invest in a different hair color every six weeks.

When that wonderful moment of life began and the doctor announced I was the new mother of a beautiful son, I looked into that adorable face (the baby's, not the doctor's) and I was filled with hope. How hard can raising a boy be? I thought.

That optimism started to fade the first time I changed a diaper without taking evasive action.
And when my second son arrived shortly after, it was obvious I was outnumbered and out of my league. Here are my top ten tried-and-true tips for moms:

10. Quiet isn't necessarily a good thing.
Quiet children are acceptable at nap time and bedtime. All other instances must be investigated. Like today, they were in their bedroom with the door shut, and they weren't making a sound. Intrigued, I walked over to the door and listened. I heard whispers and then soft giggles. How nice, I thought. The boys are playing together.

I decided to open the door gently so I could observe them in their innocent play. I pushed open the door to see my four-year-old wearing his pirate hat, sitting on top of the bunk bed and holding onto the magnetic strip of a cassette tape. As I watched, he tossed the cassette into the air, held onto the magnetic strip, and giggled as the roll of tape lofted into the air and unraveled out of the case as it headed to the floor. His younger brother sat on the bottom bunk (the dungeon), imprisoned by bars of unraveled magnetic tape strips. Thirty-five children's cassette tapes were hung all over the room.
Quiet isn't necessarily a good thing!

9. Be wary of small gifts.
Children delight in sharing treasures with the ones they love. Nothing warms the heart like a limp dandelion from the chubby fist of a toddler. But beware! One day my three-year-old came running up to me with a huge grin on his face and an outstretched arm. "Here, Mommy! Here!" he said as he dropped an odd-looking piece of lint in my hand. He then stood by to marvel at my appreciation.
"Why thank you, honey, what a beautiful . . . gesture," I said, trying desperately to figure out what it was. It looked like a tightly wadded roll of cotton thread with one loose string. I leaned closer to the unknown item in my hand, and that's when it moved. It took every ounce of restraint to keep calm and not fling the unknown thing against the wall.
I looked at my son, who was still standing there with a huge grin on his face, waiting for his praise. "Spider, Mommy!" he said. I finally realized what I was holding: a daddy longlegs with only one badly broken leg remaining.
Whoever said good things come in small packages obviously never has received a gift from my son!

8. Pictures speak 1,000 words (most of them inappropriate for small ears).
Photos of the grandkids are a must for every proud grandparent's coffee table. Getting a good photo of the child, however, isn't as easy as it looks. After spending three days battling traffic at the mall and ending up with a photo of a skinny Santa and two terrified, screaming toddlers, I decided to take our own family portrait. I dressed everyone perfectly, positioned each in front of the brightly lit tree, and set the camera on automatic. One child standing, Daddy in the middle, myself sitting. I even had the foresight to set the youngest on my lap where I could whisper sweet threats into his ear so he would smile. We took 17 pictures and then I rushed them upstairs to upload online and started signing Christmas cards.
I should have known something was wrong when my husband came down stairs looking gloomy and the boys vanished. Sixteen photos of the kids sticking out their tongues, crossing their eyes, and making goofy faces. Only one photo where the children flashed angelic smiles . . . and I had my eyes closed.

7. Washable markers are the only markers.
I never was concerned about making sure my kids used only washable markers for their art projects. After all, our kitchen table was old, and they had plenty of play clothes that could handle a few stray marks.
Big mistake. HUGE. I now have letters in random places all over my house. Mostly of the letter "H." What's great is when they are written on freshly painted walls and furniture.

6. Give specific directions.
If you say, "Go take a bath," be sure to add "and use soap, and fill the tub up with water, and take off all your clothes before you get in." You'd think these are obvious, but I've learned they aren't.

5. Let them pick their nose.
Every mom has a horror story about taking her kid(s) to the grocery store. My 20-month-old toddler was sitting in the cart, grumpy because he was late for his nap. I was eight months pregnant and struggling to maneuver the toddler, groceries, and a cart with one sticky wheel. I was nearly done when I noticed the little guy had pulled a rather nasty booger from his nose and was playing with it. Disgusted, I pulled out a tissue and wiped away the slimy treasure.
That was the final straw for him; he threw a full-blown temper tantrum. Between screams, his only distinguishable words were, "Booger! Back!" Of course there was a huge line at the checkout, and none of my sweetly whispered threats had any affect on him. Finally, out of sheer desperation, I said, "Oh for Pete's sake, just get another booger!" He stopped crying immediately and sat there contently digging in his nose. I was able to complete all my shopping in relative peace and quiet (if you don't count the hysterical laughter of the 40ish mother who stood behind me in line observing the whole ordeal).

4. Buy the warranty, no matter what.
This speaks for itself.

3. There's more to potty training than meets the eye.
I thought I'd taught my toddler everything he needed to know about the potty. But apparently I'd forgotten to mention that the bathroom is reserved for doing his business, not for monkey business.
One afternoon, my girlfriend and I sat chatting on my living room sofa. Our two toddlers were contently playing together. It wasn't long before our quiet time was interrupted by squeals of laughter. And why did we hear water running? Following the trail of giggles, we walked through our bathroom door just in time to see a Spiderman action figure shoot out of the toilet propelled by a volcano of water. Apparently 11 Matchbox cars and 1 action figure stuffed into a toilet bowl will create enough pressure to propel the six-inch Spiderman five feet. That commode still doesn't work right!

And little boys like to announce loudly, it's potty time. There's nothing like being in the middle of the store when your little one proudly proclaims, "I have to go potty now and it's poop." Even the little old lady with the hearing aid you've run into 4 times and thought couldn't hear your apology starts to laugh.

2. Teach them to pray.
Yes, it gives them a way to communicate with God, and teaches them to take their troubles to him, but it also gives them an example to follow. Then maybe when they're asked to give the Thanksgiving prayer at their preschool lunch they won't say, "God, I sure hope you have a nice turkey dinner. My mom dropped our turkey on the kitchen floor when she took it out of the oven. Please keep us safe from germs, in Jesus' name. Amen."

1. Enjoy them.
All of the gray hairs, broken dishes, and temper tantrums fade when you see them show affection, watch them share a cookie with their sibling (even though no one told them they had to), and when they say "I love you, Mom. You're the best mommy ever."

Friday, February 16, 2007

when life comes at you fast.....

what else to say besides screw it?

I did some work at BBW until about midnight last night and then the gang headed to our usual IHOP to rehash. So, I pulled in around 2:30 this morning and was just itching to watch Grey's, knowing fully well that would give me around 4 hours of sleep. But, I'm so glad that I did :)

Unfornately, it was off to see the oral surgeon dentist today. Since December I've had this bump form in the roof of my mouth. It gets really hard, significant in size and filled with fluid. It comes and goes but it is bothersome. My dentist wanted me to see a specialist. After all I've been through, I was hoping for the best. My appointment is at 10:15 and I arrive, with the boys in tow, around 10:05. I'd promised the boys if they were on their best behavior, we'd head to Toys R' Us for a new game. They or shall I say, Jayden lasted until about 10:20 when we were still in the waiting room. After asking him several times to please sit down, he proceeded to walk over and hit me. Trying to stay calm I take away his new Lightening McQueen wallet which causes him to drop to the floor kicking and screaming. I'm trying my best to ignore the situation, hoping it would be resolved fast. After 2 minutes of jumping up and down and throwing himself down again, Hunter decided to get down on the floor with Jayden to talk to him. That only makes Jayden madder. I pick him up and take him outside where he then kicks and hits me. I'm still trying to stay calm. He's screaming for his wallet, but I am not budging on it. I'm not happy about the hitting and the fits. I spend 5 minutes trying to unsuccessfully calm him down. Since it is only about 30 degrees outside, we head back in. I try to hold him in my lap but he his kicking and waving his arms like a mad man. I finally get a death grip on him and calm him down. It's now about 10:45 and we are STILL in the waiting room. Hunter is sitting, trying to be good so he can get his game. Well, Jayden gets in his mind he wants Hunter's chair and Hunter doesn't want to move. I'm still just trying to take deep breaths. Thankfully they call my name and we at least get out of the waiting room. The nurse tries to make the boys better my offering to take them to the treasure box. Hunter is jumping with joy and Jayden acts like this poor shy, innocent child and doesn't want to go. Hunter assures him, he will get him something. So Jadyen sits in his chair pouting. Hunter returns with a slimy bug for him and a book for Jayden. Jayden immediately lets loose. I'm about cashed. I try to rationally explain to my almost 3 year old that he didn't want to go pick out something so he get what Hunter brought him. He's not having any of it. After waiting in this tiny little room for another 15 minutes, in finally walks the Dr. I'm trying to ignore the screaming and pleading coming out of Jayden to explain what's been going on with my mouth. Of course, it's time to take a look. As the Dr. has his finger, mirror and tools in my mouth, the boys start to tackle one another. I'm trying not to gag and break up the fight. I finally succeeded at both. But...................turns out they have to biopsy this little bump in my mouth. Which means, they get to shoot some needles into the top of my mouth and then cut away. Oh, I'm so looking forward until the 27th. And what's really great, dental insurance considers it medical and medical insurance considers it dental. So I will end up paying. When will it end............

so we get done there and I really want to go home and crawl back under the covers but I now have to head to the bank to pick up the Sesame Street vouchers that Matt brought to Becki to get to me so I can go and get tickets. I swing into Taco Cabana to grab the kids some lunch a.k.a. quesadillas. I promptly give my order when I am informed they don't have any quesadillas today as the grill is broken. Panic. The kids start with the but mom, that's what we want business. Jayden freaks out yet again and I finally just order nachos and let them know they can deal with it. I'm still breathing deep.

With vouchers in hand, I now head down to the Erwin Center. Right at the time the morning show of Sesame Street is over. People everywhere. I just need to park and get tickets. I find the box office and parking and unload us all. Telling the kids they'd better behave. What do they do? Start chasing one another and acting like nuts. Why am I getting these tickets again? Oh yeah, they were free and I must put them to good use. We are finally loaded back up, tickets now in hand but I've got to run by one of my stores to get a check. So, we get there, I pull up to the back of the store, give them a call and ask to bring it to me. I step out of the car to talk for 2 minutes. I get back in to Jayden screaming, yet again. Turns out the boys decided to take their bottles of water and throw them at each other. They are both soaked and so is my backseat. You've really got to be kidding me. What am I to do? I bow my head and shake it. I really don't know what to do.

Jayden just seems to be the most unhappy kid in the world. Pediatrician noted he hit the terrible 2's at 18 months and I thought since we are approaching 3, they end soon. But each day just keeps getting worse. The tantrums, the biting, the hitting, the's constant. Well, except at school. He's this shy, innocent child. I told his teacher it was a world of difference and she couldn't believe it. Though lately, he's bitten once at school. I understand that moving is taking it's toll on all of us, but why him the most, possibly?

All I can say is thank goodness for Dove dark chocolate today................................................

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Normally, when mom doesn't feel too hot, we have movie day in bed. well, since my bed is divided into 3 rooms at the moment, we had to comprise yesterday. after the boys finished their frozen waffles for lunch, I had to catch some zzzz's or we all were going to be in trouble. I went to the garage, climbed up the shelves and fished down Kreg's oversized sleeping bags. We were going to have a slumber party down stairs on the floor. The boys were excited and so was I. Jayden fell asleep pretty quickly and as Hunter started to nod-off, I was out. Almost three hours of naptime seemed to make me feel so much better. I grogily woke up to find my phone to tell Kreg to pick up some dinner on the way home. He had left me a message saying, let's do dinner out. Huh? On Valentines Day? Under one condition, we meet @ 5:00. Alright and let's make it fun for the boys so that we can enjoy ourselves. One place came to mind, Benihana's. Hunter was so excited. He's been there once and loved in. Jayden didn't know what to expect. We made it there, with NO wait. Enjoyed sushi, the chef's show, and made it home to be able to go to bed early :)

I had my teeth worked on again this morning, praying this would be the last time. A lady my mom works with won tickets to Sesame Street Live this weekend and won't be able to go. She passed them on to us! I've got to pick up the vouchers tomorrow and redeem them for tickets, but the boys are super excited. They deserve it for putting up with our house being a disaster area and being good sports.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

busy little bee

yes that's me! so things around here went from calm, to crazy all with one phone call. but let's back up.....

Garage sale on Saturday went well. We managed to get rid of quite a bit of stuff. What we have left we are passing on my aunts to do a garage sale to raise money for the Race for the Cure that they do in memory of my MeMe.

Sunday we headed down to La Grange for a very successful trip. We found a rent house!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Don't pass judgment just yet :) I'm going to be completely re-landscaping the outside. It is a 2-1 but has an additional room for use as an office/playroom.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
We managed to snag the boys bunkbeds for a heck of a deal at Ikea so they are set. The house is about 2 blocks from the public school playground, which was huge and the boys were in heaven. It is an old home so the bedrooms are HUGE and the closet space is plenty! The kitchen is about 4 times the size we have now. But, like in any old house, the bathroom is small. But it has a separate bathtub and shower. The utility room is about as big as the one car garage and these are the floor throughout except for carpet in the bedrooms. It's small, it's cozy and it's better than we thought it would be and we are terribly excited!!!! Hunter has been officially accepted to the Catholic School for kindergarten and Jayden has a 3 day a week pre-school. All in all, things are moving quickly.

So as I'm enjoyed my peaceful drive back to Austin, the kids are enjoying a DVD and I'm thinking how I'm going to be decorating the new house when the phone rings. My darling brother has been off from work and sitting around the house and decides he's bored and has to do something. That something being to come to my house and redo my flooring in the bedroom. Which is all fine and dandy except for the fact that I haven't moved anything out of the bedroom. So, now it's a race against the clock. I've got to get home and get the bedroom somewhat empty before he gets there and decides he doesn't want to do it. While we were snagging our Ikea bunkbeds, we also managed to checked out some hardwood flooring. Well, you know the laminate kind like in our living room. After realizing carpet was going to cost us an arm and both legs, we wanted to go this route in our bedroom. So I deterred my brother there to get the flooring while started throwing things out of the bedroom. Needless to say, our bed is in Jayden's room, they computer was in Hunter's room. The dressers are in the playroom along with the TV, and whatever else can fit. My house is in complete disorder. Kreg is sleeping in Hunter's bed. The boys in sleeping bags on the living room floor and I on the couch or recliner, whichever my back can handle. I WANT MY HOUSE BACK. But the floor turned out beautifully.
before, an that's SCARY carpet:
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Granted, I still have nothing in here and can't wait to see what it looks like then. But we are quite happy.

And at last, I awoke this morning, in so much pain in my back and freezing my ass off. I headed upstairs and glanced at the temp. inside, holy heck, 56 degrees. Thankfully Kreg was still home and I questioned our heater working properly. was blowing out cold air. Thankfully, he was able to get it blowing hot again. We are now at 65 degrees.

In honor of Valentines Day, have a LOVELY one :)

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Friday, February 09, 2007

it sucks to be 27 with arthritis

I thought I had it bad until I met someone who was 26 with a permanent handi-cap sticker. (yes, your sister Amy!) finally, someone else so young to pity :)

what sucks about my type of arthritis, lumbosacral arthritis, is that weather seems to have an impact on it. And since the weather here is changing like mad every other day, the spasms are getting worse. And the fact that I'm trying to lug around boxes doesn't help.

so I used to find some solace in soaking in a really hot bath with espom salt. well, since we are working in our bathroom at the moment, we are having to use the kids. I never notice how much I love my garden tub and how much the kids tub sucks. damn it. I have had a decent long, hot bath all week. my body is aching.

I've been getting deep tissue massages every Tuesday to try and help the inflammation and according to the therapist, it is getting better. time will help. and since I lived on steroids last fall with the dental work, my chiropractor doesn't want me to have the injections along my spin right now. he thinks I should tough it out. yea.....he isn't living with continuous low back pain and spasms that leave you curled up in a ball.

and to think........there's really no cure...............I'm sure the chiropractor is tired of my asking, why? why at 27 do I have arthritis and how did those 2 disks get pushed in towards my spin? will I never, ever have back pain?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

texas weather

gotta love TX weather.

the kids and I met Wendy and her kids at Central Market yesterday for lunch. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and we enjoyed sitting outside yesterday for about 2 hours while the kids played. The sun felt so good. And I didn't notice until last night that I actually got sunburned!!!!!!!!! My face and neck are quite a shade of red.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I can see it now.....

so I'm on looking @ bunkbeds......yet I can see it now.

"I'm sleeping on the top."

"No, mom said I could sleep on the top."

"But I want to."

"But I am."

"No, I am."

"No, I am."

"Mom, he won't get down."

"Mom, he's pushing me."

"STOP! pushing me."

plunk.............................following by screaming........

sigh of relief......somewhat.

last Tuesday I went in to get my hair done. I was sick of the at-home black hair dye. I was intially going to go back blond, slowly, but then spotted some red highlights I just had to have. Not knowing what and how much junk was on my hair, the outcome was just as unknown. But, they turned out beautifully! That is until I washed my hair on Friday. Yep, they turned orange. No biggie since we were expecting it. So I went back in Saturday to get some more red put back on. Not knowing how long it would last. I ended up putting bright blood red in and it look GORGEOUS!!!! I was so happy. But the final outcome would be when I washed my hair. So I hopped in the shower this am and prayed it wouldn't wash out. I stepped out of the shower and YES! it was still there. I could breathe a sigh of relief.

We've come to the conclusion, finally, that we are going to rent for a while when we move to La Grange. We really want to take our time and find some land down there. So, for the past week I've been trying to find rent houses. And since I'm not there, I'd have to call my good 'ole dad to do some work for me. Every house I've found thus far, he's shot down. "You can't live in that part of town." "That's not the best neighborhood." "That house is in real bad shape." "I think you can find something better." "They are asking too much." I am about at wits end. But my luck is turning arond! I found one yesterday that sounds nice and since the lady knows my mom and dad, she offered us 1st pick. I made the call to dad who was worried because "part of that street isn't so nice looking." Well, I just got the call from mom who states the house is old, but the rooms are huge, new flooring, paint and a nice fenced in back yard. I can breathe a sigh of relief, somewhat. The bad part - -- - it's a 2/1 BUT has an additional room. HOLY CRAP!!!!! Kreg and I are still really worried if we can do this. We are moving from a 3 bedroom, playroom, 2 1/2 bath house. But, as of right now, we only use 1 bathroom. The kids have NO interest in theirs. The boys really want bunkbeds but I'm still not keen on them sharing a room. We shall see........

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

why and where

why is it whenever you look like utter shit and what to make a quick run somewhere you always run into someone you know? like tonight, for instance. at 8:00 Kreg pulls out the bathroom tiles to start working and about 8:30 we realize we don't have enough. no problem, I'll make a quick trip to Home Depot in my scruffy clothes looking like hell. lo and behold I run into someone I went to school with. I'm sure she wondered what I was thinking when I left home. Granted I just wanted to get the tiles and get home.

where in the world are these lovely hives Jayden and I have coming from? I'm utterly clueless. why aren't Kreg and Hunter getting them? I hate hives.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Football Fun

Our hostess with the mostess threw a Super Bowl Bash. I won't even try to re-hash it, as I didn't get there until late due to work and evidently missed out on all the fun! You can read about it here.

I will go ahead and plead the 5th since the boys were under Kreg's supervision :)

Just know that anytime Amy and I get the kids together, there is NEVER a dull moment.

Our trip to the mall.

Monday has left Jayden and I with nasty cases of hives. So much fun.....

Sunday, February 04, 2007

just what every family needs.....

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Thanks to Consolidated Credit Counseling Services. A client of Kreg's @ Dell!

and just cause:
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Thursday, February 01, 2007

and I should be.....

every day at school, Hunter's class sits down for a prayer circle. Each person gets to add their own suggestion to the prayer board. Low and behold, for Hunter it's always a different batman everytime. Some kids pray for their parents, siblings, pets, but not mine. So today, his teacher decides she wants to get him to say something else. So she tells each of the kids to think of someone in their family they would like to pray for. Of course, Hunter tries to pull the whole "Batman is in my family" but his teacher tries to get another answer. She tells him to think about it and she will come back to him. I can so see that little boy thinking. As she goes around the room and adds mom and dads to the board, it is now Hunter's turn and he can't sit still because he has thought of someone. He's giggly and squirming as the teacher asks:

"Hunter who in your family would you like to add"


as I just shake my head....