Thursday, February 15, 2007

Normally, when mom doesn't feel too hot, we have movie day in bed. well, since my bed is divided into 3 rooms at the moment, we had to comprise yesterday. after the boys finished their frozen waffles for lunch, I had to catch some zzzz's or we all were going to be in trouble. I went to the garage, climbed up the shelves and fished down Kreg's oversized sleeping bags. We were going to have a slumber party down stairs on the floor. The boys were excited and so was I. Jayden fell asleep pretty quickly and as Hunter started to nod-off, I was out. Almost three hours of naptime seemed to make me feel so much better. I grogily woke up to find my phone to tell Kreg to pick up some dinner on the way home. He had left me a message saying, let's do dinner out. Huh? On Valentines Day? Under one condition, we meet @ 5:00. Alright and let's make it fun for the boys so that we can enjoy ourselves. One place came to mind, Benihana's. Hunter was so excited. He's been there once and loved in. Jayden didn't know what to expect. We made it there, with NO wait. Enjoyed sushi, the chef's show, and made it home to be able to go to bed early :)

I had my teeth worked on again this morning, praying this would be the last time. A lady my mom works with won tickets to Sesame Street Live this weekend and won't be able to go. She passed them on to us! I've got to pick up the vouchers tomorrow and redeem them for tickets, but the boys are super excited. They deserve it for putting up with our house being a disaster area and being good sports.