Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the mishaps of Halloween

We headed to the Yorks for Halloween where Amy pulled out all her splendor with decorating and throwing a great bash! It took a while for the kids to get the hang of trick-or-treating, but once they did, the race was ON. Hunter kept tripping over his costume because he wore flip-flops and Jayden's costume kept falling off his shoulders.

Not sure which was funnier tonight, that Ryan gave out all the candy to the 1st Trick-or-Treators or the 1st house offered Hunter Nerds, Snickers, or Reese's Pieces to which he replied, "I don't like any of that. Got anything else."

Enjoy the costume pictures:

Monday, October 30, 2006

Fall Festival

I spent last Thursday volunteering @ the boys Fall Festival. I really had a fun time until Jayden discovered I was there. But the boys rocked the games and came home with loads of prizes. Here are the highlights:

the wonder of Halloween

so I finally forgave Jayden for taking off his shitty diaper and rubbing it all over my ottoman on Friday, but barely. I really don't know how to stop this. And it only does it for me. I mean, come on, give mom a break. she's the one who cares for you 10+ hours of the day, cooks you breakfast, lunch and dinner. buys your awesome clothes, snacks and juice boxes. the list could go on..............god help me with this one.

we meet up with the York fam to take the kids to the Haunted Hayride Saturday night and had a BLAST. I was a little unsure what the boys were going to think about it and I must give major kuddos to the boys school for hammering "Spooks aren't real" into the boys heads. because it wasn't my 2 and 4 year old that were literally screaming scared, it was the 6 and 8 year olds next to and across from us. there moms had to cover their eyes and were clearly upset about having beds full of kids that night. Hunter spent the entire 15 minutes laughing and enjoying himself and can't wait to go again.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Babies, Babies, Babies everywhere!!

everything I turn around, someone else is pregnant. I've got 3 cousins, 2 co-workers, and 2 girlfriends. That's a lot of babies. And everyone keeps asking the age 'ole question, "Don't you want another one?" Let me count the reasons why NOT!

1. 3 bedroom house. Both the boys have their own rooms right now and we love it. I'm so not in the mood to have to move things around.

2. my camry. which I love. I don't want a bigger car and 3 would mean I would have to get one.

3. 45 pounds on and off again. that's how much weight I gained with each of the boys and had to lose. really don't want to go through that again.

4. night feedings. 'nough said.

5. morning, day and night sickness. now, I got lucky and didn't have any of that but as I watch Tami & Shantal race to the bathroom at work, I thank my lucky stars I didn't. and I bet I would be guaranteed it with a 3rd.

6. the necessities. as much as I regret it, I've gotten rid of the crib. oh, and everything else.

7. the terrible 2's, 3's and 4's. nobody said it would be this bad.

8. maternity wear. yes, it's come a long way, but who really wants to go back there.

9. the boobs. I don't think I could ever stand the sight of them that big again. especially after paying to have them never be that big again.

10. hands. I have 2 and 2 kids. What the heck would I do with the 3rd? once you've got 3 kids, you're outnumbered!

11. epidural. after the problems with my last, I could never do it again and I would have to in order to have a 3rd.

so see, I can come up with plently of reasons I don't want anymore babies. yes, they are super cute and super cuddly, but I will be blessed with plently of babies to play with and adore when all the deliveries start happening.

Monday, October 23, 2006

how many strikes until I'm out?

Strike One: We tried to visit the new Leander Library today, but it was closed. Bummer. That's okay we will head to the pumpkin patch.

Strike Two: The pumpkin patch that the little church in Leander had last year, isn't there this year. Bummer.

Things can only get better, right?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pumpkin Carving

While I was enjoying work tonight, the boys did some pumpkin carving. They turned our darling!
This is our "Popo" pumpkin since Popo (my dad for those who don't know!) came up and helped the boys with this one.

Then they boys with their pumpkins:

Friday, October 20, 2006

my love for target

of course I wait until the last day to file my business taxes and as I'm stumbling to remember the website, I start typing letters into the address box hoping the website would pop up. it's texas dot something so I type in "t" and what do I get, a ton of address for various target links. okay, okay, maybe it's webfile dot something. let's type in "w". weeklyad.target links galore. still no tax website. hmm...maybe it's state dot something. crap, all "s" brings up is the slave to target blog. everything just keeps leading me to the TARGET stuff. maybe it's because I didn't make a trip there all week. It's just calling my name.

and maybe next time I will remember: window.state.tx.us

my hope

after all of my dental problems, my hope for the kids was that they wouldn't end up with my teeth.

today was their 6 month check-up with the dentist. all was well until the x-rays. turns out Jayden has an extra baby tooth. growing up in the roof of this mouth. backwards.

we are looking at a surgery in about a year. dentist says it isn't/won't cause any problems until permanent teeth come in but the surgery does involve cutting into the roof of his mouth. thankfully, at least one of his parents will be able to feel and understand his pain.

as for me, going on 48 hours of pain, they have given me Demerol. after the 'counsel' by the pharmacist, these little pills may stay in their nice orange plastic bottle. gut-renching mouth pain along with severe stomach issues is not what I need right now. so I may just stick with the gut-renching mouth pain.


Jayden is having his tonsils and adenoids out the Friday before Thanksgiving. It's an overnight hospital stay for him and Kreg ;) (since he is a daddy's boy and all)

Since Thanksgiving isn't looking too grand, Christmas is looking even more spectacular! 5 days in Ruidoso, New Mexico, Dec 23-28! Thanks mom and dad ;)

I mananged to snag both of the boys BRAND NEW GAP snowboots @ the Mommy and Me Sale for $3.00 each. I about fainted when I saw them and that they were a size 10 and 11. Score one. Now I'm on the search for some nice snowsuits.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

pain meds, pain meds oh how I love you....

except when I am on my way downstairs to find the ultra yummy pumpkin bread from Whole Foods to eat so you don't make me sick and I smell something terrible. Coming from Jayden's room. Where he is suppose to be taking a nap for me so I can rest. Dr.'s orders. It's always so much fun to open the door to a naked child in bed and a poopy diaper sitting in the middle of the floor along with poop ground into the carpet all over the room. Breathe. Jayden loudly and happily proclaims, I pooped again! I just know I never should have started letting him drink V8 because it is making him poop more than the regular once a day. But Amy did say Jax loved it and it's so good from them. What kid can't use all those extra veggies?

It's even more fun to try and clean up this mess because every time I bend over, blood spews from my nose like a waterfall. But hey, at least I'm not drooling at the mouth anymore or having it drain down the back of my throat.

Where did I put those pain meds?

don't forget the back

many have known of my ongoing fight with back pain. finally about a month ago I got an MRI done. Turns out my 2 lowest disks are protruding inward against my spine and I have capsulitis in that area. So, I've been seeing the chiropractor and massage therapist twice a week hoping for some relief. Once the dentist put me on the steriod pack, the capsulitis calmed down a bit and has given me some relief.

take care of your teeth

2 years ago it was discovered I would need a root canal & a crown on my only front left molar. This is after the 4 other fillings, 1 other awful root canal and 2 other crowns. (my teeth are worth $1000's folks!!) Splendid. 2 years ago I got both done. 1 year later I begin to have more problems with the tooth. My lovely insurance decides they will only pay to have this tooth treated every 2 years and I don't have an extra $1000 to pay out of pocket for the treatment. So on antibotics I go. This July I crack my bottom right molar. It's beyond repair so they pull it. Then there's that matching upper right molar, it gets pulled too. Finally the 2 year mark hits this September and I make the dreaded 2nd root canal apointment. I go in and they pack the tooth full of meds and want that to sit for 2 weeks. Last Tuesday I go in to get that taken out and everything finished. Well, I keep having some pain during the procedure and after, I feel worse than ever. Turns out my canal is curved and they can't get it cleaned all the way. They put me on steriods and an antibotic. This Tuesday arrives and I'm still having some significant pain, I don't sleep well that night and the pain is making me sick to my stomach. So I go back in yesterday morning and I'm told to come back @ 3:00 for surgery. WTH???? So this is what they did: Numbed my gums, went it and cut my gums from the front of my mouth to the back, lifted them up, and went into the tooth that way so they could cut out the canals and any remaining tissue. And it turns out, my canals made a loop so they wouldn't have been able to ever really been cleaned with a root canal.

And that morning I so thought I was going to work after the procedure!! (can you say work-a-holic)

So today, I'm sitting here with a completely swollen left side of my face, stitches from my front teeth up to the roof and to the back of my mouth that are bleeding, pain in my jaw and somewhere else I'm not quite certain, unable to eat anything solid and the occasional rush of blood spilling out from my nose. It's quite a lovely day. And again, I was suppose to work.

Hopefully this will be the end of my well loved journey with my dentist.

Why I am starting this blog

For those who know me, I'm not the best at keeping in touch these days. With 2 adorable little boys, a husband, a part-time job @ Ann Taylor Factory, a semi-part-time job @ Bath and Body Works and a full-time candle business, things in my life can get out of whack very easily. My wonderful friend Amy (chunkyrhino.blogspot.com) has this wonderful blog and if I often wonder why she didn't return my phone call from that morning, I pop on to see what her day has entailed so I can forgive her.

So, this is my way of letting everyone know what my life is about, what I'm doing, what the kids are up to, and why I'm not getting back in touch with everyone like I should.

Please read, comment, and most of all, ENJOY!