Thursday, October 19, 2006

take care of your teeth

2 years ago it was discovered I would need a root canal & a crown on my only front left molar. This is after the 4 other fillings, 1 other awful root canal and 2 other crowns. (my teeth are worth $1000's folks!!) Splendid. 2 years ago I got both done. 1 year later I begin to have more problems with the tooth. My lovely insurance decides they will only pay to have this tooth treated every 2 years and I don't have an extra $1000 to pay out of pocket for the treatment. So on antibotics I go. This July I crack my bottom right molar. It's beyond repair so they pull it. Then there's that matching upper right molar, it gets pulled too. Finally the 2 year mark hits this September and I make the dreaded 2nd root canal apointment. I go in and they pack the tooth full of meds and want that to sit for 2 weeks. Last Tuesday I go in to get that taken out and everything finished. Well, I keep having some pain during the procedure and after, I feel worse than ever. Turns out my canal is curved and they can't get it cleaned all the way. They put me on steriods and an antibotic. This Tuesday arrives and I'm still having some significant pain, I don't sleep well that night and the pain is making me sick to my stomach. So I go back in yesterday morning and I'm told to come back @ 3:00 for surgery. WTH???? So this is what they did: Numbed my gums, went it and cut my gums from the front of my mouth to the back, lifted them up, and went into the tooth that way so they could cut out the canals and any remaining tissue. And it turns out, my canals made a loop so they wouldn't have been able to ever really been cleaned with a root canal.

And that morning I so thought I was going to work after the procedure!! (can you say work-a-holic)

So today, I'm sitting here with a completely swollen left side of my face, stitches from my front teeth up to the roof and to the back of my mouth that are bleeding, pain in my jaw and somewhere else I'm not quite certain, unable to eat anything solid and the occasional rush of blood spilling out from my nose. It's quite a lovely day. And again, I was suppose to work.

Hopefully this will be the end of my well loved journey with my dentist.