Friday, October 20, 2006

my hope

after all of my dental problems, my hope for the kids was that they wouldn't end up with my teeth.

today was their 6 month check-up with the dentist. all was well until the x-rays. turns out Jayden has an extra baby tooth. growing up in the roof of this mouth. backwards.

we are looking at a surgery in about a year. dentist says it isn't/won't cause any problems until permanent teeth come in but the surgery does involve cutting into the roof of his mouth. thankfully, at least one of his parents will be able to feel and understand his pain.

as for me, going on 48 hours of pain, they have given me Demerol. after the 'counsel' by the pharmacist, these little pills may stay in their nice orange plastic bottle. gut-renching mouth pain along with severe stomach issues is not what I need right now. so I may just stick with the gut-renching mouth pain.