Wednesday, July 30, 2008

it will get better?

at least he can still be smiling!

and now I'm breaking out around my mouth.

Kreg's covered in something.

pretty soon Hunter is going to be taking care of all of us.

so much for another mini vacation before school starts.

I guess we just have to look foward to the circus on August 23!!! The boys scored free tickets from the summer reading program so they are excited about going.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blogging over the years.

It's funny for me to go back over the blog and read some old posts. I guess there are some things better left forgotten but I'm so glad I've jotted them down via the blog to remember.

here are some moments I seem to have forgotten about for you to enjoy:

Pain meds, Pain meds, oh how I love you

What I learned while shopping with my children this weekend

Been There, Survived It

These are days of our lives

Monday, July 28, 2008

what in the world weekend.

gosh, I loathe having these.

Friday started off with a bang trying to get ready for the garage sale.

For 8 straight hours I had people dropping stuff off or stopping by to shop. which of course was great, but left me tired and with a migraine.

7 am Saturday morning came WAY too early but all in all it was worth it. or I keep telling myself that!

once we finally settled down Saturday to re-coup, we realized our AC wasn't working.

so we packed up to spend the night @ mom and dad's. with my house still a disaster area from the garage sale.

which we forgot how much fun going to do that was! since we haven't had to do it in the past year. Dad whipped up a FANTASTIC lunch, with Chef Hunter's help!, and we all got to have a good rest.

yea.......if it only would have been that easy.

Sunday morning I noticed that Jayden's arm where he had a cut was starting to have blisters around it and he now had some around his nose and mouth. I wrapped his arm and sent him washing his hands every 10 minutes.

by time I got home today, this was him:

poor little dude!

so instead of being able to wait around for my AC guy, I rushed Jayden to the doctor out of town!

and he was diagnosed with Impetigo, a form of a staph infection.

so now he's on an oral antibiotic for 10 days and he, along with Kreg, Hunter and I are on antibiotic that we sniff up our nose twice a day for 10 days.

I get to wash all sheets in hot water for 3 days and keeping long sleeves on Jayden.

I have to have him shower separate, dry him off with paper towels, paying special attention to his arm and face & not be in community water for a week. So we are under house arrest.

This should be fun!

Pray the AC guy comes tomorrow.

Isn't she precious?

Congrats to Steven and Shalonda on another BEAUTIFUL baby girl!

And if you haven't checked out Shalonda's beautiful work, at
you must!!!!

she's so talented and one of the sweetest person's you'll ever meet!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still Around.

I turn 29, get a blog makeover and then I go to $hit posting.

Actually, for a change, things have been rather calm in our lives.

I'm busting tail to get stuff ready for a garage sale and the boys are busting tail trying to beat each level at Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii.

The countdown to school has started. I know, don't remind ya.

We've all discovered Jayden has decided to sky rocket in growth. I tell ya, the kid is about an inch taller than Hunter. So much for him wearing all those hand-me-downs. Hence, the garage sale.

Since we have taken him off all the steriods, antihistamines, and all other med's and given him NO choice but to eat extremely healthy, his growth hasn't stopped. Maybe Hunter should follow suit..........

Hunter got in a package of school clothes I ordered and was so terribly upset to see I ordered him size 5 shorts. I guess this is the only time in your life you are upset you are in a smaller size. He demanded he was 6, not 5. I told him to just try the clothes on. The darn size 5 were even still too big in the waist. Thank goodness for adjustable waists. Both boys have such slender waists.

And thank goodness for their grandparents. Now that Uncle Justin is gone and they have no more kids at home, they've taken up spoiling their grandkids. No more back to school shopping for them, that's okay, they'll take their grandkids. The boys already have dates to go pick out new backpacks & all the other stuff mom said she wasn't buying. They don't need lunchboxes, but Nana insists she buy them one. You know....that's the best thing about grandparents. They are there to do everything for you that your parents won't do. Thanks to them, the boys have seem all the new movies this summer. Hunter got his goldfish and new Wii game. Jayden got his heelies and Webkinz.

Webkinz. I swore I wouldn't get into the Beanie Baby knockoff of this generation. I still have tubs and tubs of all of Justin's beanie babies in my garage. I'm just waiting for the boys to discover them. But thanks to Hunter's kinder graduation, we've ended up with quite a few of these little creatures. But these little guys are a little more high tech. You play online with them. You register them and get 'money' to buy them stuff. Then you have to play games to win more money. Talk about a whole new addiction.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Angie!

Enjoy your blog makeover!

It's as FAB as you.

All our love.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

just another day of swimming.

the many jumps of Hunter

and I guess Jayden figures he'd rather be safe than sorry with all the floatation devices

and this chica is off to bed early tonight. turning 29 tomorrow takes a lot out of a girl. not that I have anything planned!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

can you relate?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

summer. boys style.

what happens with the pool when Kreg is left outside?....just look at the water level. glad he's home tonight to drain it.
the boys at least have fun running and jumping in it.

and this still has to be one the funnest water toys ever (thanks so much DEB!) to the boys

and each day that passes, they are considering more and more "twins"

I find myself more and more often trying to get pictures like this:
Jayden, youngest on the left & Hunter, oldest on the right

this was only a year ago:

Thursday, July 10, 2008


One great fun of my job is being able to look at all sorts of homes. Who doesn't LOVE that? Not that we are even looking to buy at this moment because we've yet to find IT. And IT is going to be hard. My dream is an old, late 1800's or early 1900's home. Kreg wants NEW. Brand, spankin' new. See that problem?

But I LOVE the old detailing.....bead boarding, hardwoods, secret rooms, carriage houses, basements, built-ins.....and the list goes on.

So yesterday the boys and I ventured out to take a look at a home we recently listed. It had it all, including the secret rooms. The boys loved it. Me, not so much because it had been a little too modernized and it didn't flow to me. And I don't ever want stairs again!!!! All that ontop of the $300K price tag. So as we are pulling away, this is our conversation:

Me: Boys, what did you think of the house?

H: Loved it. When can we move in?

J: Can I live in the room in the garage? (talking about the maid's quarters)

Me: J, that's not the place for little boys & H, mom didn't really like the house.

H: But we did.

Me: And ontop of that, did you know how much it cost?

H: No, how much?

Me: 3 hundred thousand.

H: Wow. That's a lot.

Me: Sure is babe.

H: Well, can't you just write a check.

oh.....if it were only that easy!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

a few interesting things I've recently come across.

it's sad to see Barton Springs like this:

and a website to pass on and share:
now i lay me down to sleep

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

pictures of our recent adventures.

1st, the birthday boy and his cake.

I opted out of a cake this year. Ever since the Galveston Rainforest Cafe adventure, Hunter has been wanting me to make him a Sparkling Volcanoan dessert. What a perfect idea for his birthday. I then decided to let the kids make their own brownie or cookie ice cream sundaes. It was a hit and the kids enjoyed it. No left overs.

If only all my birthday ideas were brillant. Over 2 hours of filling up water balloons to have them last 5 minutes. oh well.

and the pinata

next we have the birthday cake we made for Uncle Justin's 18th birthday.

I don't know what's harder to believe, my baby brother is 18 or I'm old enough to have a 6 year old.

and pictures from our trip to the Blue Bell Aquatic Center.

there's nothing like loading up the boys & all their swim gear, driving 30 minutes to the pool to only pull up, start opening doors, and discovering you left your swim suit lying on the bed at home.

these are the days of my life.

the boys have also finished up 2 weeks of swim lessons. both are swimming great though Jayden has a little more punch than Hunter. I want them to work hard on swimming as joining swim team sounds exciting.

and a picture from the 4th

the boys are enjoying yet another round of vacation bible school and I'm trying really very hard to get things together for a garage sale. I've promised myself not to buy the boys any school clothes until I sell everything they've outgrown first. you can't imagine how much there is. and I'm working SO hard to finish cleaning my closets.

I've also put a lot of thought into another blog. do I really have the time? no but I've been asked to create it and it sounds like fun. details coming soon.

until then ~

Happy Birthday my dear Hunter.

I know, it's only 5 days late, but my little Hunter turned 6 on July 3rd. We kept it low-key with the BIG party the weekend before. I'm trying to upload the 500 pictures off my digital camera & the computer, camera and all other electronic equipment aren't too happy about that. I'll post them later.