Monday, July 28, 2008

what in the world weekend.

gosh, I loathe having these.

Friday started off with a bang trying to get ready for the garage sale.

For 8 straight hours I had people dropping stuff off or stopping by to shop. which of course was great, but left me tired and with a migraine.

7 am Saturday morning came WAY too early but all in all it was worth it. or I keep telling myself that!

once we finally settled down Saturday to re-coup, we realized our AC wasn't working.

so we packed up to spend the night @ mom and dad's. with my house still a disaster area from the garage sale.

which we forgot how much fun going to do that was! since we haven't had to do it in the past year. Dad whipped up a FANTASTIC lunch, with Chef Hunter's help!, and we all got to have a good rest.

yea.......if it only would have been that easy.

Sunday morning I noticed that Jayden's arm where he had a cut was starting to have blisters around it and he now had some around his nose and mouth. I wrapped his arm and sent him washing his hands every 10 minutes.

by time I got home today, this was him:

poor little dude!

so instead of being able to wait around for my AC guy, I rushed Jayden to the doctor out of town!

and he was diagnosed with Impetigo, a form of a staph infection.

so now he's on an oral antibiotic for 10 days and he, along with Kreg, Hunter and I are on antibiotic that we sniff up our nose twice a day for 10 days.

I get to wash all sheets in hot water for 3 days and keeping long sleeves on Jayden.

I have to have him shower separate, dry him off with paper towels, paying special attention to his arm and face & not be in community water for a week. So we are under house arrest.

This should be fun!

Pray the AC guy comes tomorrow.


shalonda said...

holy goodness angie i dont know if i would rather be at your house or mine right now, lol! hope yall are make through the week of house arrest and everyone gets better not worse!