Thursday, July 10, 2008


One great fun of my job is being able to look at all sorts of homes. Who doesn't LOVE that? Not that we are even looking to buy at this moment because we've yet to find IT. And IT is going to be hard. My dream is an old, late 1800's or early 1900's home. Kreg wants NEW. Brand, spankin' new. See that problem?

But I LOVE the old detailing.....bead boarding, hardwoods, secret rooms, carriage houses, basements, built-ins.....and the list goes on.

So yesterday the boys and I ventured out to take a look at a home we recently listed. It had it all, including the secret rooms. The boys loved it. Me, not so much because it had been a little too modernized and it didn't flow to me. And I don't ever want stairs again!!!! All that ontop of the $300K price tag. So as we are pulling away, this is our conversation:

Me: Boys, what did you think of the house?

H: Loved it. When can we move in?

J: Can I live in the room in the garage? (talking about the maid's quarters)

Me: J, that's not the place for little boys & H, mom didn't really like the house.

H: But we did.

Me: And ontop of that, did you know how much it cost?

H: No, how much?

Me: 3 hundred thousand.

H: Wow. That's a lot.

Me: Sure is babe.

H: Well, can't you just write a check.

oh.....if it were only that easy!