Monday, April 30, 2007

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good

We are officially under contract on our house! We have a 10 day option period to get through and have a closing set for the 30th of May.

We spent about 7 hours over the weekend at the rent house cleaning up. My dad took a chainsaw to almost all the shrubs. It looks completely different. I wish I would have taken pictures.

The Bad

This weekend was a living hell for Hunter. He woke up on Sunday morning wheezing some. The people who lived in the rent house before left a nebulizer. So we were trying just saline treatments hoping to ease up the wheezing since I don't carry his asthma meds. By lunch time, I was 2 steps from taking him to the ER. He could barely breathe and I was starting to panic. Thank goodness my mom thought of going to HEB and transferring his prescription down to LG and thank goodness we live 2 blocks from HEB. I walked, no ran, into HEB at 2:37 explaining the situation and by 2:40 I was walking out the door with pulmicort. My mom, bless her heart, was able to calm Hunter down and get a breathing treatment in him. It got him stable enough for us to be able to drive home. But not before we went to my parents neighbors house to check out their new puppies. They breed long hair dachshunds and cocker spainels. O H M Y G O D!!! We feel in love with the little 7 week old black mini dachshund. Hunter said that's what he wanted Nana to get him since she got Jay a puppy for his b-day. They also had cocker spaniels that were just born that morning. They were so tiny and precious.

The Ugly

Now that Hunter has finally stopped wheezing, I'm left with the most HYPER child in the world. Those who have never done breathing treatments, have no idea how bad it is and those who have done them, feel for me. Jayden is normally hyper and Hunter is mellow. It sometimes works out. With 2 hyper kids, and rain, I'm lucky I have hair left and it isn't grey. (hey I did have to color it last night) My dad couldn't help but just laugh at Hunter talking 90 to nothing yesterday. He shook his head, gave me a hug and said he felt for me. He's been there, done that. I honestly don't know what to do right now. Hunter is literally pouncing....from one room to the of the walls.......and him and Jayden are feeding off of each other. Jayden's is loving this. I'm about to start loving my valium.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

these kids, really can't be mine. they knew wednesday was their dentist day. they excitedly woke up bright and early and kept asking every 2 minutes if it was time to go yet. with my lovely tooth problems, I never look forward to the dentist. but, they really love the dentist since they get to lay back and watch cartoons on a flat screen tv above their hears, wearing sunglasses to block out light. and once they get done, they get to pick a prize out of the treasure chest. and since, since they had 2 good visits in a row, they got a t-shirt. what kid wouldn't love that dentist.

all was well, except for Jayden. remember, Kreg had a little accident with him falling in the bleachers at the t-ball game. turns out, Jayden chipped his front tooth and they are pretty concerned about a large bump above one tooth. they are scared something might be under the skin. what? I don't know. so....we now have to watch him carefully and make sure the teeth don't start turning colors or in. and we have to go back in a month. kreg, kreg, kreg.

ms. jezabell has become our mess of a child. she's been teething. nothing new there. but she's taking a keen liking to our toilet paper. she gets it going and runs off with it down the hall. then she goes back and tears numerous little pieces off. yesterday I was working on the computer and all of a sudden the screen goes blank. jezzie comes from under the desk with a mouth full of wires :) I also caught her in the closet with a mouth full of my make-up brushes. and this morning, she was loving on my wire to my hair straightener. miss priss is up to no good.

if I wasn't busy enough, we are now kicking it into high gear with getting stuff moved down to La Grange. my dad and brothers should be bringing up a truck and trailer this weekend. we'd like to get everything in the garage taken down to LG, then we can start tearing the garage apart and the rest of the house. it's exciting at the same time sad. and, contrary to popular belief, it was not my decision to move to LG. since I left home 10 years ago, I vowed never to move back. it's always been Kreg to suggest it and me to veto it. but when he began hinting again at the beginning of the year, I finally gave in. I love how everyone is so quick to pin this move on me. I am happy about it but I never suggested it. with this move, kreg's dreams are coming true. he has always wanted to build batting cages at my parents house. low and behold, dad and him have started the plans. dad's even got the netting already. this ought to be a fun adventure.........

latest house news..........

We are under contract! :)

with a closing date of May 30th.

busy day. more news to come later!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We got an offer on the house last night!

Don't get too excited. It was for much less than we are asking. We have counter-offered in hopes of reaching a better offer. We are hoping to get things squared away today if they are serious.

Best part yet, they want to close on May 15th. That's 3 weeks away. Looks like Kreg could be spending his birthday moving and I could be spending Mother's Day moving.

Let's see what happens. Pray it works out.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Jayden, Jayden, Jayden.

This child is the king of getting hurt. Last week, he was riding his bike, fell off, got run over by the neighbor kid and was left with a really bad skin on his arm. Then, Saturday at Hunter's t-ball game, somehow he manages to split open the scab and blood starts gushing out. Then, at his cousin's t-ball game, Kreg doesn't realize he must keep his eye on the kid and he falls off the bleacher and busts open his lip.

Hunter, Hunter, Hunter.

The child says he is tired of having curly hair but doesn't want to cut it off. So, mom got creative.
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Now he wants this done every day. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Thankfully we had plans Saturday morning to get up and head make our spring trek over to Sweet Berry Farm. After deliberating, we decided we could meet Amy and her brood after Friday's incidents without too much harm. We would be in public and all. (just kidding Amy)
On the way we get a call that they are showing the house. No biggie. We are gone! We enjoy picking strawberries, a maniac of a hay ride, feeding the goats and a nice picnic.
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We start heading home for our 3:30 t-ball game. We get a call that they want to show the house in between 2:30 and 3:30. Hey, no problem. We don't want to stand in the way of anyone. Except, you know, that's the time we were planning to head home and change for the game. So, we get to the house at 2:30, park in the neighbor's drive way, run in house grabbing t-ball attire, Jezabell, all the while making sure no one is pulling up. We get out without a hitch, make it to t-ball only to get a call that they are running late and now won't be there until 5:00 and 6:00. Great, just when t-ball is over and dinner time. We make the most of it. Hey, it's the fun of having your house on the market!

Here's some pictures from our trip to the San Gabriel Park last week. I've been having fun experimenting with photography again.

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And a few more from Sweet Berry Farm:

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Still not sure what we are going to do with this hair:

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Reading Rainbow

The weather has been beautiful so we have been taking advantage of it.

I've been on a reading kick and in the past week and a half I've finished:
Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella
Step on a Crack by James Patterson
Beach Road by James Patterson
The Innocent Man by John Grisham

And today I started Cross also by Patterson. I'm about 1/2 done.

Yes, I need help. But when I get on a reading kick, it doesn't stop.

So yesterday we hooked up the sprinkler, the kids let loose and I curled up to read. Little did I realize that the sun was beating down on me. About the time I realize I'm fried to a crisp, I get a call from the dermatologist, to schedule my annual check-up. Since, you know, 2 years ago they removed a basal cell carcinoma from my side under my arm. I pondered how could I end up with a spot there. It was the years of baking in a tanning bed. Everyone needs a little vitamin D from the sun. Heck, I remember when Hunter was born, my beloved pediatrician told me to take him outside for 10 minutes a day, naked. Hold him face up for 5 min then turn him over for 5 more. Not only would this help him not getting jaundice, but it gave him the much needed vitamin D. This is the same ped's who told me to take Hunter to the grocery store and weigh him on a produce scale if I was really worried about him not gaining weight or eating enough. I really do miss him.

I also picked up a book to learn all about Ms. Jezabell. It has really taught me a lot. Kreg really wondered if we needed an $8 book about dachshunds. Well, let's see all that I/we have learned:

  1. We are suppose to clean Ms. J's ears once a week to prevent a wax build-up.
  2. Her constant itching means she may be allergic to her food.
  3. Keeping her nails trimmed is very important. (and a task I got to accomplish properly, thanks to the book.)
  4. Tons of potty training tips.
  5. How important her toys are.
  6. So much about her manner.

The list really could go on! I think Kreg has finally begun to understand that Jezzie is that 3rd child of ours and our little girl to boot. Deep down, he LOVES it :)

Hunter woke up yesterday morning complaining that his arm felt funny. I told him it was probably asleep and to shake it some. He asked me, mom, what time did I wake up? I told him it was 8:30. And, his exact words "Oh........that's right, my arm doesn't wake up until 9:00. It will be alright." Sometimes, I have to wonder where that kid gets it from.

Monday, April 16, 2007

La Grange, Texas

It's always great to tell people we are moving to La Grange and they see them ponder "why?." And if they don't know exactly where it is, they go on to state, they've heard of La Grange before. Why?

Well, for starters, it has been made famous my the best Dolly Parton/Burt Reynolds movie ever. Sing it with me "Texas has a Whorehouse in it. Lord have mercy on our souls!" That's right. La Grange was home to the Chicken Ranch and the inspiration to the movie The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

In 1973, ZZ Top released a top hit entitled "La Grange." "They gotta lotta nice girls ah."

In 1996, John Travolta filmed part of Michael in the court house.

Anyone traveling from Austin to Houston or vice versa, knows of the famous little bakery, Weikel's. They only make the best pigs in the blanket and kolaches and bread.

Other than that, there isn't much in La Grange. The movie theater burned down in 2000, the HEB and Wal-Mart both have to be the smallest ever and everything in town seems to close at 10:00. So, why are we moving there? Family. And that small town feel that I know the boys will one day appreciate.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

First there was the pet food recall which prompted us to throw away all of our new puppy bones. Then the Listerne Agent Cool Blue recall yesterday that sent me on a wild goose chase looking for our bottle and still can't find. Now there is Shigella. What next?

The weather has been so nice all week and not a single call to look at the house.

Tomorrow we not only have a t-ball game at 1:00 but 2 birthday parties that also start at the same time. We are so loved!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday Dad!

Today my dad turns the big 5-0! I had originally planned to have a surprise party for him, but when another friend turned 50 earlier this year and had a party, he decided he really didn't want one and begged us not to do it. Okay......we will give him what he wants but he wasn't going to get off that easy.

When dad turned 40, that was my senior year in high school. He was still the assistant manager at Wal-Mart and either worked with all my friends or their parents. Mom was always scared to do anything big because she was 2 years behind him. Well, I wasn't scared to embarrass him. He couldn't do anything worse to me than he probably had already done. So, for his 40th birthday, I took several old pictures of him and had a ton of copies made and even blew some up. The ladies at Wal-Mart provided more than enough black balloons and we decorated the store. He about died.

For his 50th, I took several old pictures of him and made a collage to put into the hometown newspaper. I didn't put his name or anyone in the family. Just the pictures and the words, "50. Who would have thought?" The ad came out in yesterday's paper. I get a call mid-afternoon from my mom wanting to know if I had heard from dad. Evidently, he went home for lunch and was reading the paper. The sports page because there was a picture and article about Justin pitching and winning the game Friday night. He glanced down the page and back up to the article and realized, wait a minute, that's my high school picture down there. That ad could not have been placed better! Of course he thinks mom did it, but she tells him she didn't. He knows it was me. Who else! He said at least I didn't put his name but everyone will be able to tell who it is. The man hasn't changed in 50 years. Just a little less hair :)

Love ya Dad.

Dog Days

Many have been wondering where Ms. Jezabell came from, so here's her story.

A mom bought Jezzie for her 2 year old daughter. Well, daughter didn't really want a puppy so she threw rocks and sticks at her. Mom knew she couldn't keep her so she passed her on to a friend. Well, this friend already had 3 dogs of his own and just couldn't keep Jezzie either. He posted a sign up at the bank where my mom works. My mom knew the boys would just love her so my mom adopted her. And she truly is a puppy. She's only 16 weeks old.

Life with Ms. Jezabell has been interesting. The first week she did great. A couple of nights we found poop on the floor downstairs overnight, but nothing bad. If I left to take the boys to school, I just put her in the backyard and left. Boy was she happy to see us when we would get home. Her and I have been fighting over who is queen bee around here.

Well, yesterday, I had to sub for an aid at the boys school. So before I left, I put Jezzie in the backyard, with her bed, blanket, toys, food and water. We were gone longer than what I thought, so I was a little worried. But we got home and she was waiting for us with loads of kisses. I thought all was well. I had some work to do around the house but Jezzie wanted to play. Hunter played with her for a little bit but either she was mad at me for leaving her outside all day or mad because I wouldn't play with her because she proceeded to pee all over my bedroom floor and then poop all over the playroom upstairs. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

What the $^*&!?

Christ on a cracker. Is there any reason people always seem to move double wide mobile homes in the middle of the day? On a 2-lane road? I mean come on.........

So our normal long-Easter weekend got off with a bang. We, and by that I mean me and the kids, were set to head down to La Grange Thursday after school and Kreg was going to join us that night after his Dell sponsored trip to Fiesta Texas. So that meant I needed to take Wednesday to pack us up. Well wouldn't you know I get a phone call in the middle of the day from someone who wanted to show the house around 2:45. No problem. I throw on a hat, clean up all the dog stuff and put the kids and the dog in the car and call my cousin to head to her house. We get there, get settled down and my phone rings again. They aren't going to look at the house today. So I re-load the kids and the dog to head back home. Kreg and the boys head to t-ball practice and I begin to pack. I get it done and Kreg gets home and gets it loaded. We then settle down to watch the news. HOLY HELL. Not only did I NOT pack a single warm piece of clothing, all the winter clothes were boxed up and somewhere in the mounds of boxes in the garage. Sweet. Kreg starts cursing because he knows what his night entails.

Thursday we had the kids Easter party and cook-out at the park. Since we were leaving straight from there to head to La Grange, I get to take Jezabell along. She was actually a BIG hit, but hell, she's the third child I NEVER wanted, and that girl I never wanted to boot. It was exhausting. Then Kreg decides to tell me mid-morning, he had a conference call on Friday and wouldn't be coming to La Grange until after that. $^*%! I make it to La Grange in one piece and had planned on working on cleaning our Rent house. Well, Kenny and Marsais came to town and decide we all need to head to Caldwell to watch Justin play baseball. $^*&! I had already driven an hour and a half and Caldwell was another hour away. But how often do I get to watch Justin play ball. Off we go and I'm glad we did. Justin pitched and La Grange won!

We have an age old tradition in our family for Good Friday. My dad's family always gets together for a fish fry. Back in the day, we used to spend loads of time fishing and were able to catch enough fish. Now we just take the time to buy it. So I get to spend Friday morning finally cleaning the rent house. I call Kreg around 12 to see how that call went and when would he be down. Oh....well, now he has a meeting at 2 with his manager. $^*&! Why did I not know about this until the last minute? He's known about Good Friday since we met. Oh well. I'm not going to worry. His loss, not mine. We enjoyed good fried catfish, gumbo, and lots of yummy deserts. Of course my sister shows up with loads of chocolate candy for the kids which I promptly take away yet she still decides to feed an unspecified amount to them. Kreg and I got to spend our night cleaning up puke.

Since the kids were born, we've always taken them to Jersey Barnyard on Saturday morning for an Easter Egg Hunt & loads of festivities. This year instead, we got to spend an hour driving to and from Brenham in the freezing cold sleet and rain to pick up my dad's b-day present, a deep freezer. We got it to the house and surprised the heck out of him and the whole family sat down to enjoy a good 'ole BBQ lunch. I then surprised my dad with a b-day cake I had made with his baby picture. It turned out wonderfully!

I laid down for a nap Saturday afternoon only to awaken to see the weather going on up around us. $^*&! Kreg and I made the executive decision to drive back home to try and protect the 100's of dollars of landscaping we had recently done to the house instead of spending Sunday in Yoakum with my mom's family for Easter. The kids were devastated. Not only did they miss out on the Easter egg hunt on Saturday because of the weather, but they also missed the Easter egg hunt in Yoakum. My sister yet again fed them another unspecified amount of candy to make them feel better. And Kreg and I again got to spend Saturday night cleaning up puke. $^*&!

Well, the plants survived and so did we. We are now back to sitting on pins and needles waiting for the house to sell.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Again, it's been quiet on the blog because it's been INSANE over here. If I'm not volunteering at the boy's school or trying to find something to do so the house can be shown, I'm in bed.

The house went on the market last Monday night. So you don't go searching all over the 'net for the listing, here it is. Last week was slow because of the crummy weather. But since it's been nice, we've had people over every day. If I could only knew what they thought about it.

Our 3rd child, Jezabell is driving us bonkers. Granted, she's only 14 weeks old but she's just as hyper as the boys. We brought her home this week so the boys could take her to school since this month they are learning about animals and pets. I know for sure now, I don't want another child. If I could only convince my doctor that. At my appointment last week, he suggested laparoscopy and went to say since I was in my-30's (HA!) but of course I had to stop and correct him. I'm only 27. Well, he then said, if I was in my 30's then he would have tied my tubes during the laparoscopy but since I was still young, he just couldn't. I begged and pleaded but he said I was just too young and could possibly want more children. No way. I'm thinking I should have brought the kids with me to the appointment. Maybe then he would have agreed to it.

My other 2 children have been nothing but monsters. My mom and dad took them to the park to play on Sunday and of course, they started fighting who was going to go up the ladder first. Jayden picked up a hand full of rocks and chunked them at Hunter. Wouldn't you know, one ended up in his ear. A tiny little pebble. I laid him on my lap as my mom went to the car to get tweezers. It was sitting just on the edge and I could have gotten it back out. But by time my mom arrives 30 seconds later, I look down and the rock is gone......further in to the ear. Hunter doesn't complain of any pain and my parents convince me not to worry about it. That would be fine and dandy except my dad is half deaf from sticking rocks and sticks into his ears as a child. So yesterday on the way to school, I called the doctor's office to ask what I should do and they say to bring him in. I hadn't bothered to look into the kid's ear until we get to the office, but the rock is again sitting right inside. Thankfully the doctor was able to pull it out without any trouble. Phew.

Going to my parents house is always an adventure for all. With the dogs, cat, bird, cows, ducks and now 3 geese. The male, Mr. Honkey is quite the mean one. My brothers have fear in there eyes if the are trapped in the pasture and Honkey comes near them. So all the animals and boys and us make a trek down to the tank. Kreg and I are on the pier making sure hyper Jezabell doesn't go in the water and Hunter and Jayden are running around. Next thing you know, Mr. Honkey has Hunter by the shirt and is attacking him. Kreg thinks quick and grabs Honkey by the neck and pulls him off. Poor Hunter is in hysterics. He now refuses to go near the geese or near the tank.

Jayden's 3rd birthday came upon us quickly and went just as quickly. All he wanted was to go to Chuck E. Cheese. So that's where we went. Screaming kids, bad pizza, loud music, and a scary mouse. It was SO much fun! Hey, the kids had a blast. That's what counts, right?

We received the keys to the rent house on Monday. I had every intention of cleaning it but forgot to bring my checkbook for the deposit to have the electicity and water turned on. So, I at least go by and have the paperwork filled out and I mail a check yesterday. I get a call today that I forgot to sign it.

More to come. We've got to get out of the house so it can be shown. Keep your fingers crossed it sells quick.

A picture from our trip to the mall this am to see the Easter Bunny.
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Fun Farm @ the boy's school:
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Mr. Honkey (he's gray):
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Jayden's 3rd Birthday:
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