Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday Dad!

Today my dad turns the big 5-0! I had originally planned to have a surprise party for him, but when another friend turned 50 earlier this year and had a party, he decided he really didn't want one and begged us not to do it. Okay......we will give him what he wants but he wasn't going to get off that easy.

When dad turned 40, that was my senior year in high school. He was still the assistant manager at Wal-Mart and either worked with all my friends or their parents. Mom was always scared to do anything big because she was 2 years behind him. Well, I wasn't scared to embarrass him. He couldn't do anything worse to me than he probably had already done. So, for his 40th birthday, I took several old pictures of him and had a ton of copies made and even blew some up. The ladies at Wal-Mart provided more than enough black balloons and we decorated the store. He about died.

For his 50th, I took several old pictures of him and made a collage to put into the hometown newspaper. I didn't put his name or anyone in the family. Just the pictures and the words, "50. Who would have thought?" The ad came out in yesterday's paper. I get a call mid-afternoon from my mom wanting to know if I had heard from dad. Evidently, he went home for lunch and was reading the paper. The sports page because there was a picture and article about Justin pitching and winning the game Friday night. He glanced down the page and back up to the article and realized, wait a minute, that's my high school picture down there. That ad could not have been placed better! Of course he thinks mom did it, but she tells him she didn't. He knows it was me. Who else! He said at least I didn't put his name but everyone will be able to tell who it is. The man hasn't changed in 50 years. Just a little less hair :)

Love ya Dad.