Thursday, April 19, 2007

Reading Rainbow

The weather has been beautiful so we have been taking advantage of it.

I've been on a reading kick and in the past week and a half I've finished:
Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella
Step on a Crack by James Patterson
Beach Road by James Patterson
The Innocent Man by John Grisham

And today I started Cross also by Patterson. I'm about 1/2 done.

Yes, I need help. But when I get on a reading kick, it doesn't stop.

So yesterday we hooked up the sprinkler, the kids let loose and I curled up to read. Little did I realize that the sun was beating down on me. About the time I realize I'm fried to a crisp, I get a call from the dermatologist, to schedule my annual check-up. Since, you know, 2 years ago they removed a basal cell carcinoma from my side under my arm. I pondered how could I end up with a spot there. It was the years of baking in a tanning bed. Everyone needs a little vitamin D from the sun. Heck, I remember when Hunter was born, my beloved pediatrician told me to take him outside for 10 minutes a day, naked. Hold him face up for 5 min then turn him over for 5 more. Not only would this help him not getting jaundice, but it gave him the much needed vitamin D. This is the same ped's who told me to take Hunter to the grocery store and weigh him on a produce scale if I was really worried about him not gaining weight or eating enough. I really do miss him.

I also picked up a book to learn all about Ms. Jezabell. It has really taught me a lot. Kreg really wondered if we needed an $8 book about dachshunds. Well, let's see all that I/we have learned:

  1. We are suppose to clean Ms. J's ears once a week to prevent a wax build-up.
  2. Her constant itching means she may be allergic to her food.
  3. Keeping her nails trimmed is very important. (and a task I got to accomplish properly, thanks to the book.)
  4. Tons of potty training tips.
  5. How important her toys are.
  6. So much about her manner.

The list really could go on! I think Kreg has finally begun to understand that Jezzie is that 3rd child of ours and our little girl to boot. Deep down, he LOVES it :)

Hunter woke up yesterday morning complaining that his arm felt funny. I told him it was probably asleep and to shake it some. He asked me, mom, what time did I wake up? I told him it was 8:30. And, his exact words "Oh........that's right, my arm doesn't wake up until 9:00. It will be alright." Sometimes, I have to wonder where that kid gets it from.


Deb said...

reading- what a GREAT habit! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

my arms generally wake up at 11:45..It's the brain that sometimes doesn't wake up at all. Aunt Kara