Monday, April 09, 2007

What the $^*&!?

Christ on a cracker. Is there any reason people always seem to move double wide mobile homes in the middle of the day? On a 2-lane road? I mean come on.........

So our normal long-Easter weekend got off with a bang. We, and by that I mean me and the kids, were set to head down to La Grange Thursday after school and Kreg was going to join us that night after his Dell sponsored trip to Fiesta Texas. So that meant I needed to take Wednesday to pack us up. Well wouldn't you know I get a phone call in the middle of the day from someone who wanted to show the house around 2:45. No problem. I throw on a hat, clean up all the dog stuff and put the kids and the dog in the car and call my cousin to head to her house. We get there, get settled down and my phone rings again. They aren't going to look at the house today. So I re-load the kids and the dog to head back home. Kreg and the boys head to t-ball practice and I begin to pack. I get it done and Kreg gets home and gets it loaded. We then settle down to watch the news. HOLY HELL. Not only did I NOT pack a single warm piece of clothing, all the winter clothes were boxed up and somewhere in the mounds of boxes in the garage. Sweet. Kreg starts cursing because he knows what his night entails.

Thursday we had the kids Easter party and cook-out at the park. Since we were leaving straight from there to head to La Grange, I get to take Jezabell along. She was actually a BIG hit, but hell, she's the third child I NEVER wanted, and that girl I never wanted to boot. It was exhausting. Then Kreg decides to tell me mid-morning, he had a conference call on Friday and wouldn't be coming to La Grange until after that. $^*%! I make it to La Grange in one piece and had planned on working on cleaning our Rent house. Well, Kenny and Marsais came to town and decide we all need to head to Caldwell to watch Justin play baseball. $^*&! I had already driven an hour and a half and Caldwell was another hour away. But how often do I get to watch Justin play ball. Off we go and I'm glad we did. Justin pitched and La Grange won!

We have an age old tradition in our family for Good Friday. My dad's family always gets together for a fish fry. Back in the day, we used to spend loads of time fishing and were able to catch enough fish. Now we just take the time to buy it. So I get to spend Friday morning finally cleaning the rent house. I call Kreg around 12 to see how that call went and when would he be down. Oh....well, now he has a meeting at 2 with his manager. $^*&! Why did I not know about this until the last minute? He's known about Good Friday since we met. Oh well. I'm not going to worry. His loss, not mine. We enjoyed good fried catfish, gumbo, and lots of yummy deserts. Of course my sister shows up with loads of chocolate candy for the kids which I promptly take away yet she still decides to feed an unspecified amount to them. Kreg and I got to spend our night cleaning up puke.

Since the kids were born, we've always taken them to Jersey Barnyard on Saturday morning for an Easter Egg Hunt & loads of festivities. This year instead, we got to spend an hour driving to and from Brenham in the freezing cold sleet and rain to pick up my dad's b-day present, a deep freezer. We got it to the house and surprised the heck out of him and the whole family sat down to enjoy a good 'ole BBQ lunch. I then surprised my dad with a b-day cake I had made with his baby picture. It turned out wonderfully!

I laid down for a nap Saturday afternoon only to awaken to see the weather going on up around us. $^*&! Kreg and I made the executive decision to drive back home to try and protect the 100's of dollars of landscaping we had recently done to the house instead of spending Sunday in Yoakum with my mom's family for Easter. The kids were devastated. Not only did they miss out on the Easter egg hunt on Saturday because of the weather, but they also missed the Easter egg hunt in Yoakum. My sister yet again fed them another unspecified amount of candy to make them feel better. And Kreg and I again got to spend Saturday night cleaning up puke. $^*&!

Well, the plants survived and so did we. We are now back to sitting on pins and needles waiting for the house to sell.

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