Thursday, August 30, 2007

for the love of everything BATMAN!

there's nothing like seeing the expression on your child's face when you present him with the shoes he's been talking about since he laid eyes on them.

just what every batman fan needs:
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we had some rain yesterday. quite a bit. it's was crazy:
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yes that's the street you are looking at. you can't even see the curbs.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

life's little quandaries

don't you hate it when things just don't go as planned.

being the great mother that I am, it wasn't until Monday I found out Jayden actually started school TODAY! And that was only thanks to my mom telling me she heard another parent state that. so much for depending on getting something in the mail. but upon Jayden finding out, he was actually happy and excited. until yesterday when my mom asked him about it. He wasn't going. And sure enough, my strong willed-tough little monster woke up at 7:15 this morning screaming he wasn't going to school.
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Hunter told him how much fun it was and tried to talk him into it, but it was pointless. It was like talking to a tree. So I finally convinced him we would just go by and look at the school and see his friends.
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So I dropped off my independent little Kindergartner who leaps out the car door and takes off running up the sidewalk without telling anyone goodbye and I move on to trying to talk to Jay about why he doesn't want to go to school. He finally admits he's scared. I try to convince him there is nothing to be scared about. We arrive and Jay is attached to my legs. He sees a little boy he knows but wants me to go with him to play. I sit down for a minute and finally convince him to work on a puzzle. He sits at the table and I slowly start taking steps towards the door. The teacher finally catches my drift and steps in to block Jay's view of me and I high tell it out the door. I know the kid will be okay. He just has a hard time letting go.

everyone's magical question this week is "what are you going to do with all that free time?" it's 4 hours people, 3 mornings a week. not much time but enough to clean my house or go grocery shopping or heck, take a nap! but this morning I had to be at home waiting for the plumber to come and fix my leaky kitchen faucet and running toilet.

last week I asked my dad to stop by and take a look at the toilet. it sounded like it was running and it was humming. and most importantly, IT WAS DRIVING ME UP THE WALL! of course, dad comes by and I forget the man is deaf and can't hear anything. his solution for me: just keep the door closed and I won't hear anything and it won't drive me crazy. Thanks man. Glad I could count on you!

so the plumber finally shows up at 12:45 and walks into my kitchen and exclaims "Oh My Word!" my faucet really is that old. He doesn't know, only thinks he can get parts to fix it.

starting tomorrow in La Grange, we have the annual Fayette County Fair. the kids have been looking forward to it for months. my parents are on the fair board and are constantly telling them about everything going on. they are looking most forward to the carnival. which is great and all.......but $20 for each kid to ride rides Thursday night and $25 per kid on Saturday night. We could go to Six Flags for that price. and I keep debating about tomorrow night. $20 a pop and it doesn't start until 6:00. We can't stay much later than 8:30 and that's really pushing it for a school night. the boys are normally in bed by 8:15. so do I really want to spend $40 for 2 hours of rides? but I grew up here and going to the fair Thursday night is part of the whole experience. and I bought season passes with the expectation of going Thursday night before I really thought things out! ARGH!! decisions, decisions.

in other news. kreg and my dad spent the weekend reconstructing an old morgan building my dad took down from the fair grounds. yes, it is an UNGODLY sight in my backyard now. kreg can't get it painted fast enough. I guess I can't complain because it was FREE and now the kids have a place to store all of there outside toys.
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and a happy early birthday to my brother Kenny who will be 24 tomorrow. we celebrated Saturday night at the Salt Lick and it was finger lickin good! but I can honestly say I have never seen my brother turn as beet red as he did Saturday night when the whole resturant sang Happy Birthday to him.
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catching my dad on camera at the right moment:
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Jayden is so proud of his new disney crocs:
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too bad we've already lost half of the jibbitz.

Hunter showing how strong he was after eating a rack of ribs:
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Nana, Marsais and the boys enjoying Uncle Kenny's cake:
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The boys and Moi!
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Friday, August 24, 2007

whoever thought living in La Grange was going to be dull....

has never lived here.

Our first week of Kinder went without a hitch. Each day Hunter cannot wait to go back. I think a 3 day week was a GREAT start. And why I adore/LOVE the fact that Hunter is going to a private Catholic school, I have my reservations. Kreg and I were reading over what they are going to learn in the 1st semester and were astonished at how much Hunter already knows.

counting by 5's and 10's ~ Check.
adding and subtracting single digits ~ Check.
identifying & copying common shapes ~ Check.
telling time to the hour ~ Check.
counting pennies, nickels and dimes ~ Check. (he's learned how much more dollars are)

and he's started reading. Most people think that I work with him a ton and the truth of the matter is no, I really don't. Kreg and I both work with him some.....but not as much as we'd like too. Yes, I try to provide him with learning materials but the kid is such a quick learner. Kenny expressed that if he was in public school he could probably skip ahead a grade. I told him NO way. Hunter just turned 5. And unfortunately, Sacred Heart doesn't have the advance classes that I really think would challenge Hunter. I don't ever want to hinder him. Kreg and I both really push him. I guess only time with tell what needs to be done.

The past three days have been fun running into people I've known for the longest time. Some of my favorite expressions I received this week:

"Are you lost?"
"Your too young to have a kid in school!"
"This precious little one is yours?"
"I can't believe your back."
"You've really moved back?"
"You can't possibly have a Kindergartner?"
"Those are both yours!"

It's very comforting to know that almost all of the school knows me/my parents/my siblings and get a kick out of Hunter. My Aunt Linda is in charge of the cafeteria and keeps Hunter's eating in check and he loves it.

It's still hard to believe........

This afternoon I get a call from my mom checking to make sure all of my doors are locked. Over the phone I roll my eyes, mothers. She then proceeds to tell me a lady that she works with was on her way to school to pick up something when she noticed this suspicious man walking. He was covered in black from head to toe with a hat on and a hood over that. All you could see was his eyes. She thought it was rather suspicious and called the cops. Within a matter of minutes she gets a phone call back to let her know that the Rohan's, at the end of our street, about 2 blocks down, were beaten and robbed. There little store along the high way, trashed. Holy crap! Justin was outside mowing and said he saw the black Sheriff's truck drive by several times. They haven't found the guy. We are keeping all the door double locked. We may even spend the night at my parents house. Creepy....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

our 1st day of Kindergarten.

AND WE MADE IT!! barely........

getting up at 7:15 is hard!! Hunter can be at school as early as 7:50 and the tardy bell rings at 8:05. so I figure getting him up at 7:30 would work. what kid needs more than 20 minutes to get ready? Hunter, NO. Jayden, YES! Lordy that child. We rush out the door right before 8:00 to get stuck at the railroad tracks. Thankfully mom informed me that a train comes every morning at 8:00. We will now have to leave more than 5 minutes to 8.

We make it to school and into class in a breeze. Hunter quickly wonders off and refuses to have anything to do with me. Gotta love that kid. I over hear all the other moms talking about their kids not wanting to leave their sides and how clingy their were, NOT MINE!

We show up at 3:20 on the dot to get Hunter and he can't quit talking about how much fun Kindergarten is and how he can't wait to go back. We get home and I'm reading over some of his paperwork and we have a note about a peanut allergy in the class and to be careful what the kids eat for a snack. whoa....back up......see, I missed the PTC meeting on Monday since Kreg wasn't home in time and Nana & Popo had another meeting and Uncle Justin has a girlfriend now. So I ask Hunter, did he have a snack at school today. He tells me no but the other kids did. I ask him was I suppose to send a snack and his reply:
"That's okay mom. You are real busy and forget. I survived. But if you could send me with a snack from now on, that would be great."
I feel like such an awful mom. We went to HEB right away and since Hunter sits right next to the little girl with the severe peanut allergy I was studying labels carefully. Next thing I hear....."You aren't going to loose any weight eating any of that junk honey. Don't even bother reading the labels." Got love when you run into your aunts in the grocery store. Then they have to analyze your basket of grocery and comment that since you are at home all day, you should be whipping up homemade cookies, not buying.

Hunter has been nothing but giggles and smiles since he got home. Kindergarten and him go hand and hand.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

our summer is winding down....

as Kindergarten officially starts tomorrow.

O H M Y !

we went to open house last night and it as bittersweet seeing Hunter in his classroom. I'm already going to cry!

His teacher also taught Justin when he was in Kindergarten so she knew me right away and was very happy that Hunter was in her class. (yes, I requested it!)

In his class of 12, they are 7 girls and 5 boys. For me, it was just so great seeing him interact with kids his age after such a crazy summer. He didn't want to leave last night. He can't wait for science, social studies, math......and I'm dreading it. Thanks god Kreg is excited! Him and Justin are already making tutoring plans for chemistry. I'm not sure who's more excited about school at times, Kreg or Hunter. Justin...not so. I think he's just thankful to have Kreg around for help.

But Hunter was the coolest kid ever with his nap mat from Aunt Kara! For those needing nap mats for school, check it out! (and you can contact me about where to order!)

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Aunt Kara is a genius!

and to update.....Kreg is feeling better. I think all my stress has caught up with me, though I doubled up on vitamins last week, I still can't shake this awful sinus congestion. ICK!

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

our 6 year anniversary.

well, 6 years and 2 kiddos later, here we are. 8/18/07. our 6 year anniversary.

Kreg kicked it off right with getting out of the hospital yesterday. He was beyond ready. He's doing okay. He only woke me up about 4 times last night with the coughing fits. He's still puffing on the neb machine every once in a while.

It's hard to believe 6 years ago, we were living it up at what I will always call my "white trash wedding reception of the year." Now ~ don't get me wrong. It was a blast and I would never change a thing, but let's take a moment to reflect on a few things that don't happen at normal wedding receptions (or at least any other's I've been too)

1. your guests (okay, mainly friends & the brides extended family) finish 5 kegs of beer in 3 hours. the 3 hours BEFORE dinner was served.

2. during your grand march, not only groomsmen in tuxes but also bridesmaids in bridesmaids dresses are sliding, some belly first, across the dance floor.

3. during the same grand march, people have to exit due to feeling like they were molested.

4. early in the evening, while your elderly family is still present, you hear "Pussy Control" being played and your aunts, while straining to make out the actual words, ask you what's playing.

5. your mother and her 6 sisters are on stage singing "Stop in the Name of Love."

6. karaoke.

7. I believe 3 different fights were broken up.

8. it's a little known fact that after your wedding, it becomes a rule that no one is allowed to bring hard liquor into the hall again.

9. those serving the beer mentioned above were all under age. under the age of 18.

10. once the keg's were gone, guys were bringing in cases by the dozen. no lie.

other memories that I have:

~Kreg shoving cake into my face.

~sitting down to eat and realizing I had to go to the bathroom, and the handi-cap stall was all the way across the hall. I had to round up 2 girls to help me go to the bathroom. By time I made it to the bathroom and back up to eat, the head table was completely gone and I hadn't eaten a bite of my meal.

~throwing birdseed was never a good idea. it stuck to my scalp. washing my hair was a nightmare and I left so much of it in the hotel shower.

~as we are getting into our limo, one of our groomsmen hops in with us and asks for a ride back to his hotel.

~as my aunts were helping me change out of my dress, one grabbed my veil and yanked, not knowing it was stuck to my head with a million and one bobby pins.

~after an exhausting day, making the trek to Houston that night, waking up and realizing that we weren't going to be able to go on our honeymoon after all thanks to Tropical Storm Chantal. We had to wait in Houston until my parents could drive up and pick us up.

~I so proud that I was able to find lasting love and marriage and now a family for my cousin Nona and Kreg's friend Randy!!

I wish I was able to post some pictures. Maybe one day will get a scanner. you know guys ~ thanks for the memories!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

thanks everyone. an update.

It's 9:15 and I've finally got the boys tucked into bed and settled down. It's the 1st time I've been home all day.

I am now overwhelmed with all the messages on my answering machine, voice mail, and all the emails in my inbox. I can't say thank you enough to everyone for caring. And I do apologize for not getting back to you. It's been an exhausting day but thankfully my stress level has been low. (living in La Grange will do that to you I guess.)

Kreg had a follow up appointment with the dr. this morning. He wasn't doing any better and after listening to him the dr. said he had pneumonia. And he wanted Kreg to check into the hospital (here in La Grange). He was showing signs of dehydration and was still running a fever, since Monday afternoon. Upon checking into the hospital, a chest x-ray confirmed the pneumonia. They started him on fluids and an antibiotic via an iv. But told him he was looking to be in the hospital until Friday and that's if he was fever free for 24 hours. And they wanted to see his blood tests results to check his white blood cell count. He seemed to be getting better but this evening his fever rose to 101 again and the chills were back. Not a good sign. They are now doing breathing treatments every couple of hours. And we really won't know more until the dr. sees him in the morning. I just don't understand the fever part if he has been on antibiotic's for 2 days now.

I will update everyone just as soon as I know something. I will have my mom's laptop with me at the hospital tomorow to better update. Please just keep us in your prayers....and thoughts........

I'm off to get some rest.

Kreg's in the hospital

...........more details to come later.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

it just one of those days.

Kreg's sick. He swears on his death bed. I swear there's nothing worse than a sick man. He's got some god awful bacterial infection. Fever, chills, cramps, you name it and he's complaining about it.

The boys and I spent the day at Splashaway and enjoyed ourselves along with everyone else in the 5 surrounding counties. Note to self: don't bother with 1/2 price days. Admission isn't that much. I'm getting the taste of what it's like to have a teenage son (i.e. Justin) and I'm SO not ready. Hey.....I'm just glad I won't have a teenage daughter. But his girlfriend spent the day with us and Jayden has fallen in love with her. He didn't leave her side.
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Hunter spent all day waiting in the line to ride the big slide.
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People where astonished at this little boy waiting in line all by himself and going down the slide without being caught. He's growing up so fast.

I get home to find my UPS package I was waiting on has been delayed due to a train derailment!

And in my inbox I get a notice of the newest Mattel recall that includes all the Batmans Hunter received last year as birthday gifts. I was hoping we would miss out by the date like with our Sesame Street & Diego collections that were purchased prior to 5/2007. But nope. This includes Batmans purchased after 6/2006. July birthday. So I'm wondering.....these are recalled due to magnetic parts. Kids swallow parts and then pose a risk. My kids know better than to put these pieces into their mouths. That's if they can even find those pieces after this move. Do I frantically search for the complete batmans to send back or don't worry? God knows where all the parts are. Even though they aren't a risk for my kids, what about other people's kids who come over. I don't want to put them in harm's way. Catch 22. I guess we will see how much patience I have left after dealing with a sick husband.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

a nice, relaxing weekend

if you don't want to read about the controversy, see what else we did!

we took a nice little ride on Saturday through Buescher State park into Batrop State Park. Kreg wanted to scope out the fishing and the kids and I were ready for the pool! And we discovered a great swimming pool. Big, not crowed and perfect for the kiddos.
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Hunter spent countless hours jumping off the diving platform and Jayden spent countless hours throwing diving sticks into the water for Kreg to find. All in all, it was a nice, relaxing day.
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tonight, Popo made burgers and hotdogs and we took a watermelon over. We had to check out the newest member of his cattle herd. And I swear, my dad has the meanest looking cows ever. Kreg, Justin and I are actually scared to death of going out to the pasture. But those fish don't keep us from fishing. And I actually caught a bragging fish but it broke my line before Justin and I could get it in. It swam away with the cork still floating on top of the water and we tried all night to catch it, but it wouldn't bite on our line again. Guess it couldn't with a hook in it's mouth! But everytime we try to go down to the tank, one of the crazy calfs comes running towards us and then it's momma takes off towards us and chases us back towards the barn. The other night Justin distracted the cows long enough for Kreg to get to the tank, then he and I had to run through grass as tall as us and climb under the barb wire fence to get to the tank. Yet, my dad can walk right up to the cows and past them and he nor them flinch. What the HECK?!? But, his new calf is gorgeous! Let's just hope it doesn't follow it's momma into the tank and not make it out.

The official countdown to Kindergarten has begun. 11 days to go!

nothing like starting the school year with controversy

Hunter's school is under controversy.

Family fights Catholic diocese over vaccine requirement
Officials say they're only trying to protect students in schools

AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFFSaturday, August 11, 2007
Lunch period is what 8-year-old Garrett Bowen misses the most about school.
"Cause when you had lunches, you got brownies," he said. "And they made really good poppy seed cake."

That and playing with his school yard friends.

But Garrett hasn't been to his school, Sacred Heart private Catholic school in La Grange, since administrators said he could no longer attend without a record of current vaccinations.

Saying they believe vaccines pose an unnecessary health risk, Garrett's parents have filed a complaint with the federal government, alleging discrimination by the Austin diocese.

They say a family history of rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder that some doctors say can be triggered by vaccines, should exempt Garrett from the diocese's vaccination requirement.

"Is it not just something a Catholic parent should be able to expect from a church? To support them in bringing their child up as a Catholic?" asked Garrett's mother, Mary Bowen. "We just want to do the best thing we can do as Catholic parents for our child."

Austin diocese officials say their immunization requirements are meant to protect the children in their schools. The standard for medical exemptions is strict, covering only children who have been diagnosed with a disease. There are no philosophical exemptions, despite some Catholics' moral objections to how several vaccines were developed.

However, parents of students in Texas' public schools who object to vaccines need only obtain a doctor's note or sign a waiver saying they object to vaccinations for "reasons of conscience." A state attorney general's ruling allows private schools that don't accept state tax funds to create their own vaccination policy.

Statewide, the number of parents who opt not to vaccinate for philosophical reasons is small; in the 2006-07 school year, 9,606 of about 4.85 million students in public and accredited private schools requested an exemption for reasons of conscience.

However, it is slowly growing, which has some medical experts concerned, including Dr. Paul Offit, a pediatrician who specializes in infectious disease medicine and has helped develop several vaccines.

A report by Offit published on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Web site said measles sent 10,000 children to the hospital and killed more than 100 when vaccination levels dropped in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

"People say this is a free country and you can't tell them what to do," Offit said. "But is it an inalienable right for someone to catch a disease and give it to some else? I don't think so."

Family reasons
Mary Bowen envisioned a future for Garrett that in some ways mirrored her own upbringing."I prayed daily in (Catholic) school. It was a part of everything we did as a family. I wanted the same experiences for him," she said.
The Bowens, who live in Cedar Creek, about 8 miles west of Bastrop, decided to do research before getting Garrett inoculated when he was born. Mary Bowen came across articles that linked several vaccines with rheumatoid arthritis, which her husband, Ken, has.

Fear that Garrett could develop the juvenile form of the disease led the Bowens to put off vaccinating him again.
Garrett was about to enter second grade last summer when the principal at Sacred Heart told the Bowens they either had to vaccinate him or get a medical exemption.

The Bowens got a letter from a Bastrop physician citing Garrett's family history of rheumatoid arthritis. But under diocese policy, Garrett didn't qualify for an exemption because he had not been diagnosed with the disease.

Furthermore, most government health organizations have said there's insufficient evidence to link vaccines with the onset of rheumatoid arthritis in children.

A diocese spokesman said Bishop Gregory Aymond and other diocese officials have reviewed the school's policy and decided the decision will stand.

Moral questions
Some Catholics such as Sue Cyr, a mother of four in Dallas, have moral objections to vaccinations because several common vaccines, including the one for chickenpox, were developed using cells from fetuses aborted in the 1960s and '70s.

"I thought it was so sad that our church had caved in to the pressures of the mainstream health groups and the drug companies, when there is a real moral dilemma here," Cyr said. "You would think the church, of all places, would be supportive."

Church leaders have argued against research that involves the destruction of human embryos. However, the Vatican does not have a policy against vaccinations because the research used to develop the vaccines occurred so long ago.

Unlike Cyr, who was able to get the Dallas-area diocese to accept a medical exemption for her children, the Bowens are at an impasse and plan to continue homeschooling Garrett while pursuing remedies outside the church.
In the complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture — which runs the federal school-lunch program — the family's attorney argues that because the Austin diocese accepts federal money for the lunch program, it must comply with federal anti-discrimination laws and accept Garrett's medical reasons for not being immunized. Bowen says the agency has not indicated when it might rule.

She said the dispute has not made her question her faith or desire for Garrett to return to Catholic school. "I'm a Catholic, I'll always be a Catholic and Garrett will always be a Catholic," she said. "We're a part of the body of Christ. We can't go somewhere else."

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


this household can go from FUN to FRANTIC all in the same minute.

take this evening for instance.

we were outside having fun.
(note the fury in their eyes as they push one another!)
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can you guess who's name this is?
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than, literally, BAM!
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I'm sure this will look even better tomorrow.

poor Jayden. I don't think he meant to push the swing as hard as he did. And Hunter, he keeps guilting Jayden with "look at my eye." Jay just cries and cries and cries and says he's sorry.

Mom did it!

you know......after a certain amount of time, you just get tired of asking for something to be done.
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so I finally got the boys tree swing hung. just in enough time for Justin and I to test our knots as the telephone repair man showed up. He had a good chuckle at Justin and I applying as much weight as possible to make sure the darn thing wouldn't fall.

The boys are loving it!
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Hunter go to play all of about 2 minutes before I chased him back inside so that he wouldn't get over-heated and start coughing up a storm.
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Jayden is having a blast and won't come in!

phone call of the day

all of a sudden I hear Hunter:

"Popo, Popo. Can you hear me? It's me, Hunter. Popo. Popo, listen up. You need to come over. And as soon as you can. Popo, our swing is broke and you know Dad can't fix anything. When can you get here? I know you can fix it. You fix everything for us. And Popo, don't forget all your tools. Bye now."

maybe making a phone list with everyone's number on it and posting it to the fridge was a bad idea now that Hunter can read.

Monday, August 06, 2007

just when I thought Hunter was getting better....


He's pretty much spent every weekend since we lived here at my parents house. My mom expects the call on Friday already. From Hunter, not me. Both of the boys usually spend 1, if not both weekend nights there. This weekend was no different. And this is the reason Kreg and I LOVE being back in La Grange.

So Friday night Kenny and Marsais dragged Kreg and I to the Schulenburg Festival. It was nice because we were able to visit with some friends who recently had a baby girl and we hadn't seen in quite some time. We would have liked to enjoy the music but it was SO DAMN loud. We could barely hear each other talk. But I will say that I'm awfully proud of my brother's friends. After taking care of them throughout High School, they repaid the favor this weekend.

Jayden came home Saturday but Hunter was off to Nana and Popo's again. And he called on Sunday to see if it was okay if he stayed over AGAIN.

Then my mom called about 9:30 last night to let me know Hunter was running 101 degree fever.

So, I took him to the doctor this morning. (There went our trip to Fiesta Texas!) And he basically has the onset of pneumonia. Thankfully it's just in his right lung and the crackling seems to disappear when he coughs. But now we are on neb treatments every 4-6 hours and an antibiotic. And if he doesn't sound any better tomorrow, we are going to be back on another round of steroids. I already went ahead and asked for his daily asthma meds again. With Kindergarten right around the corner, I've got to get him well and his immune system built back up. Instead of waiting for his fall allergies to kick in, we are going to beat them to the punch with meds.

And Hunter's quote of the day:

"Mom, are we going to move back to Austin anytime soon? This HEB is horrible. They don't have a drive-up Pharmacy. Do you think if we called them, they would come to the car? I'm going to tell them to build a drive-through already. This is ridiculous."

Quote of the weekend

From the mouth of Jayden:

"Hunter, I can't wait to be 4. When I'm 4, I get to wear all your 4 year old clothes. YES!"

I'm glad he doesn't mind all the hand-me-downs.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

cruddy CROUP.

yes, my dear darling Hunter has been diagnosed with croup.

After listening to his barking cough for 3 days, he starting running fever yesterday afternoon. Of course, I didn't notice it until we were in Carmine looking at a bull with dad. Thankfully, I've started carrying a purse big enough to hold a medicine cabinet in. But each evening his voice was hoarse. And at night, the cough kept me awake.

After loosing my beloved pediatrician Dr. Ho, it took me a while to find and fall in love with Dr. Spencer. I swore that when we moved I would still drive back up to Cedar Park to see him. He is that good. But that was real funny.

After not sleeping well last night, I already knew I was calling the pediatrician here. Ain't no way I was driving to Cedar Park.

Thankfully, the pediatrician here is pretty wonderful. The whole office was great with the boys and so was she. I feel pretty relaxed now.

But croup has landed Hunter on steroids. So if you don't here from me in a couple of days it's because I've locked myself outside since Hunter is bouncing off and into the walls. He can't sit still. His head is spinning. You can see the energy swarming in his eyes. Granted, I'd throw him in the backyard to play but getting overheated isn't a good option right now.

I've got to go dig in the garage for the darn humidifier. That shall be my escape for now. Wonder how long I can stake out in the hot garage until the kids find me.........................