Friday, August 24, 2007

whoever thought living in La Grange was going to be dull....

has never lived here.

Our first week of Kinder went without a hitch. Each day Hunter cannot wait to go back. I think a 3 day week was a GREAT start. And why I adore/LOVE the fact that Hunter is going to a private Catholic school, I have my reservations. Kreg and I were reading over what they are going to learn in the 1st semester and were astonished at how much Hunter already knows.

counting by 5's and 10's ~ Check.
adding and subtracting single digits ~ Check.
identifying & copying common shapes ~ Check.
telling time to the hour ~ Check.
counting pennies, nickels and dimes ~ Check. (he's learned how much more dollars are)

and he's started reading. Most people think that I work with him a ton and the truth of the matter is no, I really don't. Kreg and I both work with him some.....but not as much as we'd like too. Yes, I try to provide him with learning materials but the kid is such a quick learner. Kenny expressed that if he was in public school he could probably skip ahead a grade. I told him NO way. Hunter just turned 5. And unfortunately, Sacred Heart doesn't have the advance classes that I really think would challenge Hunter. I don't ever want to hinder him. Kreg and I both really push him. I guess only time with tell what needs to be done.

The past three days have been fun running into people I've known for the longest time. Some of my favorite expressions I received this week:

"Are you lost?"
"Your too young to have a kid in school!"
"This precious little one is yours?"
"I can't believe your back."
"You've really moved back?"
"You can't possibly have a Kindergartner?"
"Those are both yours!"

It's very comforting to know that almost all of the school knows me/my parents/my siblings and get a kick out of Hunter. My Aunt Linda is in charge of the cafeteria and keeps Hunter's eating in check and he loves it.

It's still hard to believe........

This afternoon I get a call from my mom checking to make sure all of my doors are locked. Over the phone I roll my eyes, mothers. She then proceeds to tell me a lady that she works with was on her way to school to pick up something when she noticed this suspicious man walking. He was covered in black from head to toe with a hat on and a hood over that. All you could see was his eyes. She thought it was rather suspicious and called the cops. Within a matter of minutes she gets a phone call back to let her know that the Rohan's, at the end of our street, about 2 blocks down, were beaten and robbed. There little store along the high way, trashed. Holy crap! Justin was outside mowing and said he saw the black Sheriff's truck drive by several times. They haven't found the guy. We are keeping all the door double locked. We may even spend the night at my parents house. Creepy....


shalonda said...

lol! i love the crying pic! and the muscles, woohoo! hunter doesnt even say bye?! he must really love it, all of your pics A