Wednesday, August 22, 2007

our 1st day of Kindergarten.

AND WE MADE IT!! barely........

getting up at 7:15 is hard!! Hunter can be at school as early as 7:50 and the tardy bell rings at 8:05. so I figure getting him up at 7:30 would work. what kid needs more than 20 minutes to get ready? Hunter, NO. Jayden, YES! Lordy that child. We rush out the door right before 8:00 to get stuck at the railroad tracks. Thankfully mom informed me that a train comes every morning at 8:00. We will now have to leave more than 5 minutes to 8.

We make it to school and into class in a breeze. Hunter quickly wonders off and refuses to have anything to do with me. Gotta love that kid. I over hear all the other moms talking about their kids not wanting to leave their sides and how clingy their were, NOT MINE!

We show up at 3:20 on the dot to get Hunter and he can't quit talking about how much fun Kindergarten is and how he can't wait to go back. We get home and I'm reading over some of his paperwork and we have a note about a peanut allergy in the class and to be careful what the kids eat for a snack. whoa....back up......see, I missed the PTC meeting on Monday since Kreg wasn't home in time and Nana & Popo had another meeting and Uncle Justin has a girlfriend now. So I ask Hunter, did he have a snack at school today. He tells me no but the other kids did. I ask him was I suppose to send a snack and his reply:
"That's okay mom. You are real busy and forget. I survived. But if you could send me with a snack from now on, that would be great."
I feel like such an awful mom. We went to HEB right away and since Hunter sits right next to the little girl with the severe peanut allergy I was studying labels carefully. Next thing I hear....."You aren't going to loose any weight eating any of that junk honey. Don't even bother reading the labels." Got love when you run into your aunts in the grocery store. Then they have to analyze your basket of grocery and comment that since you are at home all day, you should be whipping up homemade cookies, not buying.

Hunter has been nothing but giggles and smiles since he got home. Kindergarten and him go hand and hand.
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shalonda said... fabulsu and sad all at the same time....too cute with that big grin and backpack