Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dog Days

Many have been wondering where Ms. Jezabell came from, so here's her story.

A mom bought Jezzie for her 2 year old daughter. Well, daughter didn't really want a puppy so she threw rocks and sticks at her. Mom knew she couldn't keep her so she passed her on to a friend. Well, this friend already had 3 dogs of his own and just couldn't keep Jezzie either. He posted a sign up at the bank where my mom works. My mom knew the boys would just love her so my mom adopted her. And she truly is a puppy. She's only 16 weeks old.

Life with Ms. Jezabell has been interesting. The first week she did great. A couple of nights we found poop on the floor downstairs overnight, but nothing bad. If I left to take the boys to school, I just put her in the backyard and left. Boy was she happy to see us when we would get home. Her and I have been fighting over who is queen bee around here.

Well, yesterday, I had to sub for an aid at the boys school. So before I left, I put Jezzie in the backyard, with her bed, blanket, toys, food and water. We were gone longer than what I thought, so I was a little worried. But we got home and she was waiting for us with loads of kisses. I thought all was well. I had some work to do around the house but Jezzie wanted to play. Hunter played with her for a little bit but either she was mad at me for leaving her outside all day or mad because I wouldn't play with her because she proceeded to pee all over my bedroom floor and then poop all over the playroom upstairs. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deb said...

Getting a dog for a 2 year old is irresponsible. Regardless of the age of the child- the parents need to be willing to help with the care. It is not fair to the pet
(be it whatever it may) to assume a child/ kid will take care of it.
Yes- I have strong opinions about this- maybe a quick visit to Town Lake animal center will help remind people what a big decision getting a pet should be. Lux, our Great Dane, was a rescue from an emotionally driven poor decision by a collegeg student. Enjoy the pup- she is adorable. Take the time to set the relationship up for success by learning about the breed and going to basic training -the Petsmart by Lakeline has a great puppy class.