Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still Around.

I turn 29, get a blog makeover and then I go to $hit posting.

Actually, for a change, things have been rather calm in our lives.

I'm busting tail to get stuff ready for a garage sale and the boys are busting tail trying to beat each level at Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii.

The countdown to school has started. I know, don't remind ya.

We've all discovered Jayden has decided to sky rocket in growth. I tell ya, the kid is about an inch taller than Hunter. So much for him wearing all those hand-me-downs. Hence, the garage sale.

Since we have taken him off all the steriods, antihistamines, and all other med's and given him NO choice but to eat extremely healthy, his growth hasn't stopped. Maybe Hunter should follow suit..........

Hunter got in a package of school clothes I ordered and was so terribly upset to see I ordered him size 5 shorts. I guess this is the only time in your life you are upset you are in a smaller size. He demanded he was 6, not 5. I told him to just try the clothes on. The darn size 5 were even still too big in the waist. Thank goodness for adjustable waists. Both boys have such slender waists.

And thank goodness for their grandparents. Now that Uncle Justin is gone and they have no more kids at home, they've taken up spoiling their grandkids. No more back to school shopping for them, that's okay, they'll take their grandkids. The boys already have dates to go pick out new backpacks & all the other stuff mom said she wasn't buying. They don't need lunchboxes, but Nana insists she buy them one. You know....that's the best thing about grandparents. They are there to do everything for you that your parents won't do. Thanks to them, the boys have seem all the new movies this summer. Hunter got his goldfish and new Wii game. Jayden got his heelies and Webkinz.

Webkinz. I swore I wouldn't get into the Beanie Baby knockoff of this generation. I still have tubs and tubs of all of Justin's beanie babies in my garage. I'm just waiting for the boys to discover them. But thanks to Hunter's kinder graduation, we've ended up with quite a few of these little creatures. But these little guys are a little more high tech. You play online with them. You register them and get 'money' to buy them stuff. Then you have to play games to win more money. Talk about a whole new addiction.


shalonda said...

okay nu uh about wanting to be a size 6, lol!!!! wow back to school already?! sorry i havent been around much, the blog looks FABULUS and ihope you had a wonderful bday!