Friday, February 09, 2007

it sucks to be 27 with arthritis

I thought I had it bad until I met someone who was 26 with a permanent handi-cap sticker. (yes, your sister Amy!) finally, someone else so young to pity :)

what sucks about my type of arthritis, lumbosacral arthritis, is that weather seems to have an impact on it. And since the weather here is changing like mad every other day, the spasms are getting worse. And the fact that I'm trying to lug around boxes doesn't help.

so I used to find some solace in soaking in a really hot bath with espom salt. well, since we are working in our bathroom at the moment, we are having to use the kids. I never notice how much I love my garden tub and how much the kids tub sucks. damn it. I have had a decent long, hot bath all week. my body is aching.

I've been getting deep tissue massages every Tuesday to try and help the inflammation and according to the therapist, it is getting better. time will help. and since I lived on steroids last fall with the dental work, my chiropractor doesn't want me to have the injections along my spin right now. he thinks I should tough it out. yea.....he isn't living with continuous low back pain and spasms that leave you curled up in a ball.

and to think........there's really no cure...............I'm sure the chiropractor is tired of my asking, why? why at 27 do I have arthritis and how did those 2 disks get pushed in towards my spin? will I never, ever have back pain?


Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

you could have cataracts at 29 -- like my hubby! At least now he and my grandfather have something in common... Hope you feel better soon!