Friday, February 16, 2007

when life comes at you fast.....

what else to say besides screw it?

I did some work at BBW until about midnight last night and then the gang headed to our usual IHOP to rehash. So, I pulled in around 2:30 this morning and was just itching to watch Grey's, knowing fully well that would give me around 4 hours of sleep. But, I'm so glad that I did :)

Unfornately, it was off to see the oral surgeon dentist today. Since December I've had this bump form in the roof of my mouth. It gets really hard, significant in size and filled with fluid. It comes and goes but it is bothersome. My dentist wanted me to see a specialist. After all I've been through, I was hoping for the best. My appointment is at 10:15 and I arrive, with the boys in tow, around 10:05. I'd promised the boys if they were on their best behavior, we'd head to Toys R' Us for a new game. They or shall I say, Jayden lasted until about 10:20 when we were still in the waiting room. After asking him several times to please sit down, he proceeded to walk over and hit me. Trying to stay calm I take away his new Lightening McQueen wallet which causes him to drop to the floor kicking and screaming. I'm trying my best to ignore the situation, hoping it would be resolved fast. After 2 minutes of jumping up and down and throwing himself down again, Hunter decided to get down on the floor with Jayden to talk to him. That only makes Jayden madder. I pick him up and take him outside where he then kicks and hits me. I'm still trying to stay calm. He's screaming for his wallet, but I am not budging on it. I'm not happy about the hitting and the fits. I spend 5 minutes trying to unsuccessfully calm him down. Since it is only about 30 degrees outside, we head back in. I try to hold him in my lap but he his kicking and waving his arms like a mad man. I finally get a death grip on him and calm him down. It's now about 10:45 and we are STILL in the waiting room. Hunter is sitting, trying to be good so he can get his game. Well, Jayden gets in his mind he wants Hunter's chair and Hunter doesn't want to move. I'm still just trying to take deep breaths. Thankfully they call my name and we at least get out of the waiting room. The nurse tries to make the boys better my offering to take them to the treasure box. Hunter is jumping with joy and Jayden acts like this poor shy, innocent child and doesn't want to go. Hunter assures him, he will get him something. So Jadyen sits in his chair pouting. Hunter returns with a slimy bug for him and a book for Jayden. Jayden immediately lets loose. I'm about cashed. I try to rationally explain to my almost 3 year old that he didn't want to go pick out something so he get what Hunter brought him. He's not having any of it. After waiting in this tiny little room for another 15 minutes, in finally walks the Dr. I'm trying to ignore the screaming and pleading coming out of Jayden to explain what's been going on with my mouth. Of course, it's time to take a look. As the Dr. has his finger, mirror and tools in my mouth, the boys start to tackle one another. I'm trying not to gag and break up the fight. I finally succeeded at both. But...................turns out they have to biopsy this little bump in my mouth. Which means, they get to shoot some needles into the top of my mouth and then cut away. Oh, I'm so looking forward until the 27th. And what's really great, dental insurance considers it medical and medical insurance considers it dental. So I will end up paying. When will it end............

so we get done there and I really want to go home and crawl back under the covers but I now have to head to the bank to pick up the Sesame Street vouchers that Matt brought to Becki to get to me so I can go and get tickets. I swing into Taco Cabana to grab the kids some lunch a.k.a. quesadillas. I promptly give my order when I am informed they don't have any quesadillas today as the grill is broken. Panic. The kids start with the but mom, that's what we want business. Jayden freaks out yet again and I finally just order nachos and let them know they can deal with it. I'm still breathing deep.

With vouchers in hand, I now head down to the Erwin Center. Right at the time the morning show of Sesame Street is over. People everywhere. I just need to park and get tickets. I find the box office and parking and unload us all. Telling the kids they'd better behave. What do they do? Start chasing one another and acting like nuts. Why am I getting these tickets again? Oh yeah, they were free and I must put them to good use. We are finally loaded back up, tickets now in hand but I've got to run by one of my stores to get a check. So, we get there, I pull up to the back of the store, give them a call and ask to bring it to me. I step out of the car to talk for 2 minutes. I get back in to Jayden screaming, yet again. Turns out the boys decided to take their bottles of water and throw them at each other. They are both soaked and so is my backseat. You've really got to be kidding me. What am I to do? I bow my head and shake it. I really don't know what to do.

Jayden just seems to be the most unhappy kid in the world. Pediatrician noted he hit the terrible 2's at 18 months and I thought since we are approaching 3, they end soon. But each day just keeps getting worse. The tantrums, the biting, the hitting, the's constant. Well, except at school. He's this shy, innocent child. I told his teacher it was a world of difference and she couldn't believe it. Though lately, he's bitten once at school. I understand that moving is taking it's toll on all of us, but why him the most, possibly?

All I can say is thank goodness for Dove dark chocolate today................................................