Thursday, February 01, 2007

and I should be.....

every day at school, Hunter's class sits down for a prayer circle. Each person gets to add their own suggestion to the prayer board. Low and behold, for Hunter it's always a different batman everytime. Some kids pray for their parents, siblings, pets, but not mine. So today, his teacher decides she wants to get him to say something else. So she tells each of the kids to think of someone in their family they would like to pray for. Of course, Hunter tries to pull the whole "Batman is in my family" but his teacher tries to get another answer. She tells him to think about it and she will come back to him. I can so see that little boy thinking. As she goes around the room and adds mom and dads to the board, it is now Hunter's turn and he can't sit still because he has thought of someone. He's giggly and squirming as the teacher asks:

"Hunter who in your family would you like to add"


as I just shake my head....