Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NO, Not Jayden.

so we sit down to dinner at VBS tonight when with Jayden's class when his teacher proceeds to tell me that last night she was looking for her son and Jayden. Seems they have become big buddies since they will be going to school there together. She noticed they were in quite the intense conversation. So she sits back and watches and the next thing she knows is that Jayden is pulling down his pants to show her little boy his 'Lightening McQueen' undies. She gets to them in enough time to save her little one from pulling down his pants too. Turns out the boys, both BIG fans of Mr. McQueen, were wearing the same underpants. And we guess decided to show each other. No idea how the conversation ended up there. And what would have possessed my kid to pull down his drawers at bible school.

And since my parents are on a vacay, I left to care for their humble aboad. Countin' the cows. Feeding the dogs. All those fun activities. So as I'm pulling up tonight, I notice something on my parents roof. Oh $hit, my parents don't even have a roof anymore! Turns out the roofer should up a week early - much to my dismay, and probably my parents. My dad has been proudly telling me stories of killing numerous copper heads in the past couple of weeks. So, as I'm picking tomatoes tonight, I'm scared senseless. No way was I sticking my hands anywhere near the back of the bushes or underneath. But boy...the picking was good! And it looks like they are going to miss out on all their squash. I'll just be sure to tell them how good it was.


Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

I'm just glad my kid wasn't anywhere in the vacinity and cannot be blamed for this one!!