Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ode to First Time Parent's

so we have numerous friends and family expecting their 1st little ones and Shalonda got me thinking of all the quacky things we did as 1st time parents. Let's save someone some grief!

1. If you plan on breastfeeding, don't rely on everything that the books say. Like the rule that breastfeed babies are suppose to poop every time they eat. Leave it to me to call the pediatrician at 3:00 in the morning because that's when I realized Hunter hadn't pooped all evening when he ate. My dear pedi said it was OK and I should just be happy that I didn't have to change diapers so much.

2. Again, I was worried that Hunter wasn't eating enough and then he didn't poop like the 'books' said so I was worried about him gaining weight. Another late night call to the pedi who said for me to head to the grocery store when it opened and to weigh Hunter on the produce scale, then stay there and feed him and then weigh him again to make sure he was gaining weight. HELLO??? Did I really do that? NO! Now I realize my pedi was saying. If I was that worried.........guess I would have done it.

3. You will soon realize, we had major trouble with the breastfeeding. Don't believe what the 'books' and everyone tells you about nipple confusion. We spent the 1st three weeks of Hunter's life finger feeding him with a tube to avoid nipple confusion. I finally got to breathe a sigh of relief when someone told me I could give him a bottle and he would be okay. Damn books.

4. I was so worried about SIDS that Hunter spent the first 6 weeks of his life sleeping on my chest so I could feel him breathe. really, I think that's why we connect so well ;) Let's just say, the Angel Care Monitor is worth every penny!!

5. Don't forget to burp! I remember the 1st time I actually braved giving Hunter a bottle, I fed him the whole thing, I picked him up and he spit it all up. Yea.......forgot all about good 'ole burping.

6. Be sure to keep an extra set of clothes not only for baby, but for you! Our 1st attempt at a wedding and Hunter spits up an entire bottle on my shirt just before family pictures. And diapers, they aren't leak proof. Yes, they say they are, but sometimes baby can fill them up real good. Smelling like spit up or poop isn't the best.

7. You know....they make different size nipples for bottles. Hunter never used more than a size 1! Never dawned on me. Jayden used every size there was according to his weight. Who knew!

8. I figured I was having a baby and would be back to my regular wardrobe the next day. The baby was ALL that weight! So taking pre-pregancy clothes in your hospital bag isn't the best idea. Normal clothes + hormones can ensue a breakdown when your jeans still won't close.

9. Moving onto things that DID not do us any good. Now....these are just our opinions!

Diaper Genie. It was more trouble than it was worth to us. We take our trash out everyday and at 1st, the diapers aren't so bad. Why worry about running upstairs or downstairs just to put diapers into a contraption that makes a diaper sausage.

A word about bottles. Babies can be particular. Before you open and wash all those new bottles before baby, make sure baby actually will take them. And then, if you have to go on a hunt.....don't buy the multi packs until you are sure they are what baby likes.

Some word about pacifiers. They are all different.

10. Things every parent needs according to Angie & Kreg:

Boppy. It will grow with you! Makes eating so much easier. Keeps baby propped up. Helps them learn to sit.

Several boppy covers. Laundry just won't get done fast enough.

Travel System. You really, really, really aren't going to want to wake that sleeping baby to move it into another stroller.

Baby Safe Feeder. It can keep a baby quiet for hours when stuffed with something yummy!

Old Fashion or other rectal thermometer. Thank god my mom was there the 1st time I was told they needed a rectal temperature. And we quickly learned it was really the most dependable and accurate. It saved us from many trips to the ER because they really weren't as warm as the darn ear thing said they were.

Lots of sheets & extra waterpoof pads. again...laundry just isn't going to get done as fast as you want.

Sheet savers. better than changing the whole bed.

Bouncy seat. Babies love to bounce. These buggers fit nicely in front of the bath tub or next to the shower. Baby buckled in. Mom can relax.

Baby Einstein. no one can explain a child's wonder with these.

Gripe Water. Gas? Spitting up? Teething? A natural fix ~ THAT WORKS.

oh....all the memories. be sure to back them up. nothing like loosing everything when your hard drive crashes. Hunter's first 2 1/2 years of life and Jayden's first 6 months.

I could write more. stay tuned.