Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Relief, The Shocking & The Ugly

The Relief

We closed on the house yesterday morning. From our end, everything went well. Kreg and I are both relieved to be through all of this.

The Shocking shall I start this? My parents have had a trampoline for 3 years now. They were planning on bringing it to my house for the boys to enjoy. We all love getting on there & playing. Yesterday, Justin watched the boys for me while Kreg and I did everything we needed to in Austin. Kreg got to my parents house to get the boys before me. Justin, Hunter & Jayden were playing around on the trampoline. Nothing new. Until something happened with Hunter. What, we have NO idea. If I tried to even put together a story, it would be concocted. But Hunter is in hysterics that his harm hurts and both Kreg and Justin who have broken their arms notice it is bowing out. Justin is trying to get Hunter to move his arm and fingers. Kreg decides we need to take him to the ER. I'm still on my way into La Grange so I meet them there a few minutes after they arrive. Poor Justin feels horrible. I try telling him over and over it isn't his fault. This could have happened to any of us. Well, x-rays confirm our suspicions. He broke one bone in the arm and it was bowing out and cracked another. They have to hook him up to morphine via anesthesia to try and re-set it. Thankfully he is young enough that the bone will heal the most on it's own. Kreg has to leave the room but I stay and help try and get him through the setting process. It wasn't pretty. But, things look great and we have a temporary cast on at the moment. I'm waiting on my pedi to call me with an orthopedic who he thinks we should see.

Hunter is doing great and did great. I've been a ball of nerves and full of panic but trying to hold it together for him.

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All the while we are dealing with that in the hospital, this is looming over our heads........

The Ugly

Notice I said everything went well with closing from our end. Back when we signed the contract, we agreed to pay X number of dollars in closing costs. Well, after the settlement statement was drawn up, there was $600 left out that they could not apply anywhere from our end. Meaning, we would get it. The buyers felt that they were owed that money and wanted us to write them a personal check. Yeah. Thankfully, Barbara knew were we stood and dealt with everything without even having to contact us. So in the midst of being in the hospital, Kreg calls to find out if we had funded yet. Our mortgage loan has to be paid off today or we get charged around another $1000 in interest. Turns out we didn't fund yesterday because the buyers didn't sign something because they were still fighting for this $600. They wanted a check or a gift card or something to amount to it. I don't know exactly what took place, but they did end up signing last night and we are suppose to fund this am. Thankfully!

I've got some pictures on my new cell-phone but haven't had the time to sit down and try to work the thing. I'm off to figure it out.