Tuesday, May 29, 2007

yes...more time has passed that I would have wanted, but for the record, moving sucks.

last saturday we, kreg, me, my dad and kenny, loaded up a 26 foot u-haul and my dad's 16 foot trailer. my dad packed the u-haul to the brim. I cringed when I looked inside. we managed to get it all down to La Grange and un-packed. we were all left exhausted.

sunday we had to go back to leander since we only brought my car down and jayden had a dentist appointment. there we had NO beds, TV, fridge, so we were in for a real treat. borrowed blow-up mattresses and a TV it was.

we had to head back to la grange on Monday since I had to be there for Verizon on Tuesday and DirectTV on Wednesday. finally my own bed. but then I was called back to Leander on Wednesday to wait for an electrician on Thursday morning. we also received a call on Wednesday that my uncle had passed away. so I knew I would be heading out of town soon. but I was scrounging for ideas for when the kids and I would be in Leander. it would only be raining buckets, we had nothing to do and I had to be there from 8-12. we made it. thank goodness for my mom's portable dvd.

we made one last trip up on Sunday with both cars while my parents took the boys to the movies and have our shop-vac and a trash can left. PHEW. FINALLY! We sign tomorrow morning at 9:30.

we've all really enjoying being in La Grange. I've had to spend my days running to the feed store or the lumber yard because if our tiny HEB or tiny Wal-Mart doesn't have it, that's where you go. the boys look forward to Popo getting off work everyday so they can sit down and enjoy cookies and milk with him. Justin has become the little brother Kreg has always wanted and has taken up residence with us to eat our food and drink our soda. but he is being a BIG help. he re-arranged his schedule to be off tomorrow morning to watch the kids while we go sign off on the house.

kreg and I both adore NO longer having stairs, having a house that was built in the late-50's to early 60's, less space and bathrooms to clean, and enjoying a slower paced life. it really is nice.

the only problem we have are these GI-NORMOUS snails.
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but hey, that's what snail and slug bait is for. so I get my package and I spread it around on Sunday. only to then read the package that it attracts dogs and it's FATAL to them. Great Job. we've just become better at taking Jezabell out in the yard instead of right outside. and the snails seem to be drying up and leaving my plants alone.

Wednesday the 23rd was a particularly hard day. not only did my uncle pass away the night before, but it had been 10 years since I lost my Meme. 10 years ago that I spent my last week of school ever mourning. instead of taking finals and enjoying senior days, I was preparing for a funeral. and that year was going to be Meme's proudest moment. For the 1st time ever, she had 3 grandkids graduating that year. my Meme was very well-known in the community. and being in a small town people come out of everywhere to help when someone passes away. everyone knew Meme had 9 children, 9 spouses of her children, and 20 grandchildren. she raised those 9 children all alone because her husband passed way before the 9th child was born. during those hard days, the food was pouring in. and we grandchildren were left at the house to receive it. I remember one elderly lady called to see if we could come pick up some lasagna she had made for us. we all looked at one another and licked our lips. and about 12 of us hopped into Meme's old blue suburban and look off. we brought the lasagna back and devoured it right out of the pan.

you think having 20 grandchildren would be hard but for Meme it was a blessing. we all used to joke about Christmas time. what would it be that year, new stocking hats or flashlights from Santa. the same Santa came every year with a big bag and handed out the exact same thing to all of us. new stocking hats to keep us warm as we played hide and go seek outside in the pitch black or new flash lights so we could play ghost in the graveyard outside. all the girls would receive some sort of doll and all the boys would receive some sort of vehicle, action figure or something. we loved it. and back then we never realized how she treated everyone of us the same. we all always had the same number of gifts to open. she made sure of it. we would have all taken notice if something was different. i've taken that and passed it on with my kids. so have all my aunts and most importantly, my mom. we never once sat down to eat a holiday meal. you graised around the BIG table set up in the dining room overflowing with food. each Easter every single one of us participated in the Easter egg-hunt. you can't even imagine the amount of candy that was out there.

I could write forever and a day about all the wondeful memories I have. but I will save some for later. I've got to get the kids up and going so they can go spend the night at my parents house while I head up to Leander.


Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

Meme sounds like she was awesome -- you are very lucky!! Those snails are nast-ay. How did the signing go?

Deb said...

I agree- moving sucks! And life is good once you are settled and unpacked.
Those were some Texas sized slugs- Elon and Gid would have wanted to have one each as a pet...fit right in....
Sounds like you have some great memories of Meme- what a great gift to give your kids the opportunity to have the same. Having family close by can be good..