Thursday, August 07, 2008

this will make you want to hug your kiddos even tighter.

The Girl in the Window.

click on it. read the story.

wipe your tears. say a prayer. hug your child.

This is such an incredible story.

She's such a beautiful little girl.

and that's one strong family.


Anonymous said...

hank you for posting the link to the story. I have passed it on to a friend completing a PhD in Social Work.
It is hard to believe that in this day and time such an event could occur. More frustarting to me is the fact that the birth mother maintain parental rights until given a plea. You have got to be kidding! How about you gave up your rights as a parent with such abuse?
We should all try to be more proactive. I hav ethe feeling that Dani stood a better chance if only someone was willing to step out of their comfort zone earlier.
I thank GOd for my kids and their daily antics- even more so after reading this story.