Friday, August 01, 2008

here's........your sign.

don't we all have those oh NOT so proud moments in our lives?

so way back for Mother's Day, the boys bought me a bike. here it is, the beginning of August, a mere 2 months later, when I finally ride the thing.

Hunter and I pack up to go on a bike ride.

I was so taken aback by all the bells and whistles my new bike had. I could adjust the resistance from the pedals, allowing me to pedal faster or harder. it as so neat!

I was so proudly telling my dad about this when he burst out laughing. "Had I never owned a 10 speed bike before? That's why it's called a 10 speed."

no dad, If I recall correctly, this was the last bike I owned:

and he gave it to me for my birthday before the 2nd grade. and it proudly had purple and white pom-poms hanging from the handle bars.

and I proudly rode it until I was in high school. maybe until I left home at the age of 18!

so this,

this was quite an adjustment for me!


shalonda said...

lol! oh my gosh angie i am laughing so hard i thought that purple bike was the one the boys bought you and i was totally picturing you truckign along next to hunter on it, lol!!!!

Doodle Bug Mommy said...

Me too!! I thought it was the purple one and I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!!