Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us.

okay....okay....! here's a picture. not the best quality, but it will have to do:

Today is our 7th Wedding Anniversary - can you believe it? If I wasn't so tired, lazy or overwhelmed at this moment, I'd scan in a picture of our wedding day and upload it for all to see. (Can you imagine 7 years ago how many of us didn't own digital cameras ?) Ah, screw it - if you were there you remember and if you weren't there, let me hit the high points of the day:

Throw together 7 small town girls with 7 big city guys along with a bunch of German-Czech Catholics and let them go through 5 kegs of beer in 4 hours, before dinner is served.

Viola! The White Trash Wedding of the Year.

You've got bridesmaids & groomsmen sliding across the dance floor on their bellies.

Pussy Control being played by the DJ.

Karaoke. Fights. Questionable dance moves. Hook-ups.

and a few words of wisdom to those few left to get married:

Don't do bird seed. Drunk people with hands full of bird seed = A hurtful MESS!

plan a back up honeymoon. there's nothing like being stranded 2 hours from home when a tropical storm hits your island and your honeymoon is devasted. if you don't want to end up somewhere you've already been, have a back up, just in case.

get some SLEEP the night before your wedding!


always remember it's YOUR wedding day. Take and make the memories you want to forever hold in your heart. It's a day you'll never get back.

the one GREAT memory: Nona & Randy. they were set up together at our wedding. and still together today with a beautiful daughter!


Doodle Bug Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
What a great photo!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to a great couple and awesome parents!

Here's to many mopre joyful years and memories!

Wish we had known you in back than-the wedding sounds like it was fun!


shalonda said...

lol!!! and add a bunch of underage drunk cousins to the mix, hahaha!!! happy anniversary hun!!!

Kristi said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember your wedding quite well, and one that I still measure the funness (word?) of all weddings we attend!!