Monday, August 25, 2008

The art of school.

So.....since no one told me about being in first grade and I don't remember all those years ago, WOW!

Talk about starting that first week off slow. Hunter had one little piece of homework each night.

Today! Reading a chapter, practice spelling test & math homework. I'm cashed!

Now, not only do I get home to rush around to get dinner ready for 2 starving kids, but I also am calling out spelling words & trying to keep Jayden entertained while Hunter concentrates. It's a hoopla around here.

And it's funny what the kids remember most about their day.

They both have mass on Friday mornings and we've been blessed with a new priest from India. He's very nice & we look foward to learning about him, but he's so hard to understand. After 2 board meetings with him, I'm still unsure of most of what he's said. So, I was anxious to here what the boys thought about him. So I asked Hunter.....

Me: Did you got to mass?

H: Yes and I was good and I saw Jayden.

Me: Was Father Joseph there?

H: Yes.

Me: Did you understand him?

H: Not a word mom. He talks so fast. Faster than you. I was lost.

Me: (trying not to laugh) Hunter, give it time. I pray we all learn to understand him.

and now on to Jayden.

Me: Did you go to mass today?

J: No.

Me: (scratching my head) You didn't go to church today?

J: No.

Me: (still confused) Hunter, was Jayden at church today.

H: Yes, mom.

Me: Jayden, where you good in church?

J: I don't remember. But I ate my lunch and played in the loft and on the playground.

so I see what's important to him at 4! and I'm guessing since he didn't remember mass at all, he also didn't get a lick out of it.

well I am off to check math homework. wish me luck.