Saturday, September 29, 2007


as I'm sitting here using my children's nebulizer to breathe and not pass out from a coughing fit, I have to ponder many why's............

so why is it............

my husband chooses to leave me at home with both boys to attend a Texas Longhorn game when I'm sick as hell?

my children continue to fight?

I won't give into the fact that what I have probably isn't "just allergies" and actually make time to go to the doctor?

whenever we have a free weekend of Showtime, all the movies suck?

my head feels like it's going to explode, my ears feel like they are on fire, my chest feels like it is going to cave in, every breathe is more like a wheeze, my nose is raw, my eyes itchy and swollen and every muscle in my body just aches....probably from all the coughing?

my kids can't see I'm miserable and try not to fight?

my husband can't see I'm in no shape to care for the kids?

well, my neb treatment is about done, I hear the kids screaming at each other and another fight is bond to break out any second and I've got to figure out what to do for dinner.........

it's funny how little things can spark the kids happiness. take for instance the large bag of plates, cups and bowls Aunt Kara sent for the kids. They were so excited to have new batman, lion king, pooh and so on eating supplies! Thanks Aunt Kara!!!!

and a really scary ticker: