Wednesday, September 26, 2007

does it ever end?

I've decided I'm going to install a sound system in our house that chants my most often used words:

Stop fighting.

Boys, please stop fighting.

Guys, we have 2 of those. No need to fight.

kids, seriously, stop fighting.

ok....when is the fighting going to stop.

stop fighting. stop fighting. stop fighting.

can mom please get 2 minutes of peace here?

is there a reason to all the fighting?


seriously, the boys fight over EVERYTHING. and by now, we own almost 2 of everything. 2 leappads, 2 leapsters, 2 Nintendo DS, 2 lightening mcqueen chairs, 2 shovels, get the picture? yet these 2 boys of mine have to fight over everything. from the moment I pick Hunter up from school, the fighting starts. by time Kreg get's home at 6:30-7:30, I'm exhausted. I've used every resource known to man to get the fighting to stop. And last night, all I really wanted was a nice-long hot bath. so while Kreg is putting the boys down, I try to escape. I hear Jayden causing trouble. so I'm out of the tub and walking into the bedroom when, huh, that's my perfume I smell. I'm utterly confused for a minute. I ask Kreg if he sprayed my perfume for any reason, no. okay. why am I smelling my perfume? about that time I walk over to my bottle and realize, hmmm, quite a bit seems to be missing. then Kreg informs me Jayden was playing over by my dresser. and about that time he goes to smell him and says he sprayed himself. I go to smell the kid and realized he was trying to drown himself with it. I ask him what he did. and he proceeds to tell me he was trying to make his hair spiky. so I go to feel his hair and in one spot it is drenched......with my perfume. I think the kid sprayed about a third of the bottle into his hair. only jayden.......