Wednesday, September 05, 2007

reading, writing....

and hopefully sleeping. I'm unfortunately going through another one of those periods in my life when I don't sleep. It's about time to break out the Ambien again.

in a failed attempt at going to sleep, I've been reading like mad again. I love ABC's new show Notes From the Underbelly. (wish it would start up again!) Turns out it was based on a book, so I grabbed it and the follow up, Tales From The Crib. WOW! As a mom, these were such a refreshing read. And I flew through both in about 3 days. Both books were a far cry from the glamorous side of pregnancy and motherhood. The main character is a trip and I wished the TV show portrayed more to the book character. If your a mom, these are worth a read.

School started 2 weeks ago and we are already wrapping up our 1st fundraiser. Hunter has been such a troop but he's going to be disappointed when he doesn't win an Ipod. He had to sell 174 pieces. (that's pretty funny, huh!) But thank you so much to all who did help!! Now I just have to figure out what I want to order......

I spent most of yesterday trying to get candles made for Austin stores. Hunter came home and was so excited. "Mom! You made candles!?!?! I just have to take Mrs. Herron one." And Jayden chimes in "Mrs. Becky needs one to mom." So they spent the better of 20 minutes smelling every one and finally claimed stake to 1 each. They were so proud toting candles to class this morning.

I'm off to help with finishing touches for our Grandparent's Day celebration at Jayden's school. Whatever he's doing, he's super excited about Nana and Popo coming to school on Friday.