Thursday, September 13, 2007

still the week from......

you got it.

I ended up taking Kreg back up to Austin last Sunday so he would be able to get his car on Monday. That morning, Jay and I take Hunter to school and rush off to Sugarland to get candle supplies. Driving to and in Houston is nerve racking enough so I love when Kreg calls and wants me to look around the car for his badge. Okay.....I'm going 80 on Interstate 10 and Jay is begging me to help locate his shoe. I'm trying to calm him down there's NO way I can look around for anything. I thought by taking Jay's Nintendo DS, he'd be good for me. Wrong. He kept asking for my help or wanting me to look at what he did. Or he wants to ask me 50 questions about where we are going. Which leads me to get edgy and I end up taking a wrong turn. But we made it home in enough time for me to pump out candles to get up to Austin on Tuesday. Following me: Sunday=Austin, Monday=Houston, Tuesday=Austin. And to make matters even better, Kreg's car broke down again Tuesday morning on his way to Austin. There's no wonder where my cold has come from. I think it's all the stress I've been trying to deal with. It's funny....I can handle my own stress. It's everyone else's that kills me.

Kreg's car is suppose to be fixed. I'm driving it now.

It's great to be back around small town football. And it's homecoming week! So they boys were ready to hit the pep rally last night.
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Yeah....trying to take their pictures these days is like trying to get them to take Robitussin. Sometimes you just want to give up and you wonder if it is even worth it.

Fall is just around the corner and we've had a touch of it this week. Why oh why can't the weather stay like this? I spent all day yesterday re-doing my flower beds. The nice breeze felt so wonderful. Thankfully since it took me twice as long to work with my sore hand/wrist. I've learned trying to carry 40 pounds of ice with my right hand isn't the smartest move I've ever made. Typing this hasn't been the easiest as nothing with my right hand is.

The weather for the pep rally was also very pleasant. Hunter got a kick out of the music and wanted to go on the field and dance with the cheerleaders. I was a little worried when our alma matter started but the words flowed out just like they used to. It's amazing how that happens. We are all really looking forward to the football game this week. If I can shake this cold and lose the pain in my hand and wrist, it will be even better.