Wednesday, June 20, 2007

why is it.....

.....dr.'s always seem to give you medicine to take that makse you so drowsy. and they want you to take it every 4 hours which means you need to be out the whole day but you have kids to take care of. but the pain makes it unbearble to take care of the kids anyway. it's a no win situation.

.....when I try to head to bed early by closing my door, turning out the lights and crawling under the cover's, it seems the kids have to bust in every 5 minutes to ask me questions. my gosh, where's their dad? usually just sittin' there. these muscle relaxers are kicking my butt and I can barely stay awake. yet, as soon as I fall asleep, I hear the door bust open and another kid yelling "mom, mom. mom wake up."

.....I can never remember to put my car windows up when it rains. and this morning was the worse. it smells like a car marked my car for death. febreeze isn't even working.