Friday, June 22, 2007

the wating game.

thank you so much to everyone who has sent their kind words and wishes. the bee incident has left so many people flabbergasted. and for me, it tears me up inside to see my dad in such agony. he knows he did all that he could but wishes he could have done more.

we don't know much yet but my parents went to Austin last night to check up on Sherman. the 1st 24 hours were going to be crucial. right now they have him in a drug induced coma hoping that his body will be able to recover. they are keeping cold blankets & ice on him and giving him drugs/fluids via IV of course. his body is swollen and there's quite a bit of swelling on his brain. no one knows for sure what happened and where the swelling on the brain is coming from. my dad said when he arrived at the park, he could hear the mower still but didn't see Sherman. turns out, Sherman must have threw open the bars to the mower to stop it from moving and jumped off. the blades were still moving. it looks like he might have tried to head to the river, which would have been incredibly dangerous since the flood gates are open and the river is flowing like mad and he can't swim, and must have collapsed in the process. the swelling on the brain could be from bee stings or from hitting something upon falling. no one knows for sure.

right now, the park is closed. an animal control person drove down there in his truck, honked the horn, and bees immediately surrounded his truck. it's quite dangerous and no one knows what to do at this point.

not only my dad, but his whole crew are worried. of course, no one will ever mow by themselves ever again. as they were working at the library today, little grasshoppers would jump on them and the guys would jump. it's scary.

I will update as I know more. please just keep Sherman in your thoughts and/or prayers. we hope more than anything that he is able to make it through this.