Thursday, June 21, 2007

a cause for concern.

so...I try my hardest to keep the blog upbeat and happy. I find no reason to bring everyone down. BUT today something has happened and I need to blog about it to get it out.

My dad works for the City of La Grange and is head of the Parks and Rec. Department. He and his team of workers are in charge of keeping the parks up. Today a young man, one of my dad's workers, was mowing Northside Park down by the river. My dad receives a phone call from him but is unable to hear anything. Moments later he receives a second phone call and all my dad can hear is, "Mike. Bees. Help." By time my dad and another helper get to the young man, he's striped his clothes off, on all fours trying to puff on his inhaler. Bees are attacking his body and there is nothing my dad can do but call 911. 911 arrives and it takes 4 men to get this gentleman up and on a stretcher. His heart isn't beating and his organs were starting to shut down. They immediately life-light him to Austin. Where we now know he is in a coma and the outlook isn't good.

Turns out that these 'killer bees' form beehives in the ground and any type of movement or vibration rattles them and causes them to attack.

That could have been my dad out there mowing. I'm shaken up over this and more so is my dad. This poor gentleman is 21 years old and has a child on the way. My dad could do nothing to help him when the bees were attacking. It's plain scary. My dad has already called the City Manager and stated that NO ONE is going to want to mow anymore. And I don't blame them.

I just pray that this young man lives. I pray that my dad can shake that image from his head. He's very shaken up right now. He just feels so bad for this young man. I hope that there is something that the city or someone out their can do to try and protect everyone who could possibly come across this.

So please keep Sherman, my dad, and the rest of the crew in your thoughts or prayers.


Anonymous said...

Angie, I read this and was devastated. Let me know how things turn out. I will keep everyone in my thoughts. Kara