Thursday, April 26, 2007

these kids, really can't be mine. they knew wednesday was their dentist day. they excitedly woke up bright and early and kept asking every 2 minutes if it was time to go yet. with my lovely tooth problems, I never look forward to the dentist. but, they really love the dentist since they get to lay back and watch cartoons on a flat screen tv above their hears, wearing sunglasses to block out light. and once they get done, they get to pick a prize out of the treasure chest. and since, since they had 2 good visits in a row, they got a t-shirt. what kid wouldn't love that dentist.

all was well, except for Jayden. remember, Kreg had a little accident with him falling in the bleachers at the t-ball game. turns out, Jayden chipped his front tooth and they are pretty concerned about a large bump above one tooth. they are scared something might be under the skin. what? I don't know. so....we now have to watch him carefully and make sure the teeth don't start turning colors or in. and we have to go back in a month. kreg, kreg, kreg.

ms. jezabell has become our mess of a child. she's been teething. nothing new there. but she's taking a keen liking to our toilet paper. she gets it going and runs off with it down the hall. then she goes back and tears numerous little pieces off. yesterday I was working on the computer and all of a sudden the screen goes blank. jezzie comes from under the desk with a mouth full of wires :) I also caught her in the closet with a mouth full of my make-up brushes. and this morning, she was loving on my wire to my hair straightener. miss priss is up to no good.

if I wasn't busy enough, we are now kicking it into high gear with getting stuff moved down to La Grange. my dad and brothers should be bringing up a truck and trailer this weekend. we'd like to get everything in the garage taken down to LG, then we can start tearing the garage apart and the rest of the house. it's exciting at the same time sad. and, contrary to popular belief, it was not my decision to move to LG. since I left home 10 years ago, I vowed never to move back. it's always been Kreg to suggest it and me to veto it. but when he began hinting again at the beginning of the year, I finally gave in. I love how everyone is so quick to pin this move on me. I am happy about it but I never suggested it. with this move, kreg's dreams are coming true. he has always wanted to build batting cages at my parents house. low and behold, dad and him have started the plans. dad's even got the netting already. this ought to be a fun adventure.........