Thursday, October 04, 2007

this one's called...................LOSING MY MIND.

it's always fun starting your morning with a kid who wakes up and his eyes are swollen shut and his eyelashes completely covered in crust. (sorry for the ooey details) upon seeing my child, I inform him he can't go to school. while i know it is just his allergies draining out his eyes, school doesn't and won't allow it. this is the kid who completely LOVES school and starts getting upset at the mere mention of not going. so, being the good mother that I am, I put a warm washcloth on his eyes to help with the swelling and go off searching for my eyelash comb <---- I have to get that crust off somehow. I manage to get his eyes cleaned up but can tell I'm going to get a call from the school to come and pick him up. if this was anything other than allergies, I wouldn't even send him. so I drop off both kids and rush home to make a doctor's appointment. I want to be armed and ready when anyone tries to say "Pink Eye" or contagious. you see, I know Hunter's allegories are just weird like that. They don't drain out his nose, they drain out of his eyes. It's gross and disgusting.......and THANKFULLY drops take care of that.

so.....I get the appointment made and rush out the door for my morning walk. about 2 blocks into it, I step in a hole and roll my ankle. but that's okay, your suppose to walk stuff like that off. So, I continue on about a 30 minute walk trying to enjoy it. I get home and sit down for minute and realize my ankle is twice it's normal size. Okay....maybe walking it off wasn't the best choice. oh well, I have a doctor's appointment to worry about being on time for. so I arrive at my scheduled time of 10:45. At 11:40, I'm frustrated. I have to pick Jay up at noon and my appointment is going to take more than 20 minutes. And it only took me 2 weeks to get this appointment. but, I've got to reschedule.

and did I mention my allergies are STILL bothering me. so I call the doctor today to try to get in and they can't see me for another week. GREAT. what am I suppose to do with this sinus headache until then? I guess I have been struggling for 2 weeks, what's another week going to hurt?

I get Hunter to his appointment. Both boys end up getting flu shots and we get drops for the eyes. phew.......

but the tip of the iceberg......I went out to my parents house to visit with Kenny and decided to wash my car. I go get my keys off the hook in my parents house where I always keep them so I won't lose them. I get my windows rolled up and put my keys on my mom's trunk of her car. I finish washing my car and get everything put away. I sit down and enjoy dinner with my dad. My mom had to run to town. And about 7:45 as we are getting ready to leave, it dawns on keys were on the back of mom's car. OH MY GOD. I frantically start searching for them. Dad gets a flash light and goes down to the highway to see if he sees them. We search and search and search and search. Mom gets home and I ask her if she saw them, but she doesn't recall seeing them on the car. We search the shed, outside, the car, the front porch, the house........and I can't find my keys anywhere. They are nowhere to be found at this moment. I feel like if I didn't have such a horrible sinus headache, I might be able to think straight............please key location......just come to me.


Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

Okay, deep breath:
1. Pray to St. Anthony, and be glad this didn't happen right before you were going to host a big birthday party, ala moi.

2. GET A NETI POT. Stop waiting on the meds -- I swear you'll thank me.

3. Go Online shopping. You KNOW you'll feel better. ;) xoxo A

shalonda said...

how can i give any better advice than foxy mama, lol! but eyelash comb? for real?!?!