Sunday, January 28, 2007


we just returned from our trip to La Grange where we celebrated my moms 48th b-day and Kreg and I managed to snag an outside look at some homes. but, we are now living the weekend in hell bit.

so this afternoon, after a hearty BBQ meal, Kreg and I managed to sneak away for what we thought would be a productive afternoon looking at houses. we did manage to sneak a few peaks and gather more information. all the while, back home, my darling bitch of a sister decided to stuff both boys full of chocolate candy, strawberry cake, kool-aid, and cupcakes. most of that going to Jayden. she, and apparently my mother, thought it was so wonderfuly funny. we did not. poor Jayden has been throwing up for the past little while. poor guy is miserable and keeps grasping his little tummy and crying because it hurts.

sersiouly, the nerve of her. what person does that? why would a person do that? why the heck would someone think that was funny? why, why, why??? but don't forget, this is also the person who stole over $200 worth of stuff from me on what was suppose to be our family christmas trip. any my mom and dad wonder why I did not choose her as the boys god-mother. as least someone in the family has brains.

Kreg wonders why we are moving to La Grange. at times, I doubt myself. it's sad to say, but I vow to keep my kids away from her. no kid deserves this. no parent deserves this. yet, I will be seen as the bad person in all of this. how ironic is that?

when I manange to get all the puke cleaned up, my sheets and Jay's sheets washed, and the pictures up, I'll post more about the house hunt. we've also re-done the kids bathroom flooring and it looks kick butt!!! we obviously have quite a bit of frustrution to work out......thank goodness we have a lot to do around the house.....