Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Busy as a Bee

Things have been super crazy over in our world. If the darn smoke alarms aren't keeping me up all night, it's the demanding son that I have. but that's another story.............but I've finally ripped the smoke alarms out of the wall. we will let the new owners deal with that. yep, folks, we are selling our house.

okay first let's start with........

this is my last week of "full-time" work at Ann Taylor. Having the kids with a nanny is killing me and the week I had off and spent in Ruidoso with them made me realize how much I actually do enjoy being with them. Plus, Hunter's teacher has told me the kid is ready to start reading. She wishes she had the time to work with him, but has left us with encouragement. I want to be able to spend time with him. And, well since we made the decision to put the house on the market, I have SO much work to do. It's not funny. So I need my days to start packing up this mess and cleaning out all that baby stuff to sell. so, instead of spending my time away, I'm going to spend it at home working diligently to get this house ready to sell. I'm going to work sporadically at Ann Taylor to keep the good discount :)

we always knew we wanted to move before the kids started kindergarten. but we never knew where. well, La Grange is going to be where we end up. Crazy, huh? at least my parents are there and we are hoping to get the kids into the Catholic school. something I've wanted.

so if things weren't already crazy enough, they are about to get crazier. tiling, carpet cleaning, boxing up stuff and more stuff is how I will be spending my days.

in other news..............

Kreg decided to shave off his goatee for the 1st time in YEARS and the kids didn't recognize him. Hunter asked, "Dad, is that you?"

since buying this Sonic game for the playstation, I've had a hard time pulling Kreg and the kids away.

since all the toys the kids got for Christmas are now 75% off at Target, I think we are going to have Christmas in January next year. Just think of all the money we could save!!!

my dad, who turns 50 in April, had so much fun skiing for the 1st time in Ruidoso, he's already looking for somewhere new to go next Christmas.

I still have yet to find my Chi iron and blowdryer I took to Ruidoso. damn sisters. it's really not funny any more.

how 'bout those Cowboy's?

december was an EXCELLENT month as far as my store were concerned! candle sales were fantastic. I even managed to sell a few scarves. not bad!

my mom is taking the boys for 4 days this weekend so Kreg and I can actually get to the movies and start packing up. wish us luck :0)

I've got to get to the grocery store tonight before it closes.........darn boys are eating me out of house and home.