Wednesday, January 24, 2007

it's always nice to walk downstairs and see puddles of water. my first thought, Jay has had an accident.

"Jayden, did you pee on my kitchen floor?"

"NO" the bathroom door to see puddles of standing water.

"Boys, why is the bathroom all WET?"

To which Hunter replies: "Mom, it was the coolest thing ever. We kept flushing the potty and water kept running all over the place. (as he is making water over-flowing motions) Here, let me show you."

"HUNTER MICHAEL, NO!!!!!" noticing that the floor isn't covered in water......"Hunter, when did this happen and why didn't you come and tell me."

"It was a little while ago and it was just so cool. Can I please show you?"

"Boys, I'm locking the bathroom door down here until your father gets home. Use the upstairs bathroom and NEVER EVER should water come out of toilet."

"mom, you really aren't that much fun."