Friday, December 29, 2006

we're B A C K

what I learned (while in Ruidoso)

1. as long as you are with your whole family & your kids, it isn't a vacation. it's only a trip.

2. 10 hours in a car, is just too much.

3. we never needed as many clothes as we packed. we wore the same thing every day, A SNOWSUIT.

4. we need a bigger car. riding with my knees at my chest, covered with pillows and blankets, is NEVER fun.

5. no matter how much padding is on my body, it still hurts to fall.

6. skiing is not my forte`.

7. in my family eyes, I will never be raising my children correctly. it's either too much or not enough. and they will show their disdain for both and give you the uttermost hell for it.

8. my sister has SERIOUS issues. but in everyone else's eyes, she is perfect.

9. when in a higher elevation, EVERYTHING expands. hands, feet, lotion, chips, waist, diapers. you name it.

10. ziploc big bags and a case logic case were BIG space savers. anything you put in a ziploc you could compress down and the case allowed me to take all the kids videos so we were assured no meltdowns regarding movies.

11. I love how in New Mexico you can get snow gear, gas, milk, medicine, and alcohol all in one place.

12. tubing rocks. but no matter how hard you hold onto the tube, you can still fall out.

13. you can never take too many pictures.

check back for the blog about our trip! I have around 6500 pictures on my computer to back up and about 400 to add. plus some awesome video of the kids skiing and tubing!!