Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friday was my first day in 2 weeks that I didn't have to wake up and rush off to work or take the boys to school. The boys were able to sleep in until about 9:30. I could relax and take my time getting ready. It was absolutely wonderful!!

We started our day with a visit to the new Leander library. WOW! What a change from the old library. But, of course, Jayden screamed when I attempted to take his movies and books away to check them out. He then screamed the whole time during the checkout process.

We then proceed down to Barton Creek Mall for pictures with Santa and a train ride. The train ride was as fun as usual and the line for Santa was a mile long. But we had time to kill before the ENT appointment, so we decided to wait and enjoy ice cream. All was great until the kid about 3 people in front of us threw up. The mother and grandmother proceed to clean the kid up and change her clothes, all the while moving up with the line. It was then I decided that sitting on Santa's lap behind a sick kid wasn't worth it. I was really just in shock.

We headed off to the ENT for Jayden's post-surgery check up. As the nurse proceeded to check Jayden out, Hunter had a million questions and finally exclaimed "Our mother never cleans our ears out!" Much to his surprise, the nurse told him that was okay and you should never stick anything in your ear. Hunter replied with a much devastated "oh...." (at Thanksgiving his aunt picked on him and gave him a hard time because his ears were dirty. what a b!tch.) Jayden looks great and hopefully should stop snoring soon. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

It's a dreary day here but we are off to Wolf Ranch to see Santa there!