Thursday, December 07, 2006


Things around here have been hectic as ever. My anxiety levels are on the rise.

December 5th has always been a tradition in my family as the night St. Nick fills your stocking. It's a very old Czech tradition. It's funny, living at home, I never questioned this. Hey, we always got socks, underthings, candy and fruit early. No complaints here. I knew the story that back in the day, children would leave there shoes out and they would either be filled with candy if you were good and coal if you were bad. St. Nick came to check up and give you a 'forecast' of your Christmas. But now as a parent with a very curious child, I'm forced to learn facts. Hunter wants to know who St. Nick is, why he comes, where does he come from and so on. My story didn't satisfy his curiosity. And of course, we didn't start taking about St. Nick until Saturday the 2nd, not to get the kids too anxious. So, at church on Sunday, I decided to do some poking around the gift shop for a book. No luck. No one knew where to even find anything on this. There have to be more Czech's in the world. So, what do I do next, call mom. She had to have dealt with this. She luckily gave me the advice to tell Hunter that St. Nick arrives on the night of the 5th to pick up your letter to Santa. He leaves you a treat and then delivers your Christmas list. Phew, thankfully that kept the kid quiet working on his Christmas list. Both boys woke up on the 5th to stocking filled with Batman's galore, candy, socks and new slippers. They were happy for about 2 minutes, then the fighting came over batmans.

On to Christmas gifts. Since we are spending Christmas in Ruidoso this year, we are exempted from buying Christmas gifts for the family. It's always great to cross off 7 people at once from your list. And that leave the 2 boys. Woo-hoo! And since I have always done my shopping the day after Thanksgiving, I always fill ahead of the game. Yeah....this year I didn't. B r e a t h e . . . So on Tuesday while the boys are at school, I finally convince Kreg to meet me at Best Buy. We've decided to get the boys Nintendo Ds'. Really, I want to get Hunter one and I just can't buy one so I'm preparing myself and getting 2. Plus, I know Kreg and I will enjoy playing :) I've been pleading my case for a new digital camera. My old clunker is 5 years old and fading fast. Alright, we get to Best Buy and start discussing camera's. My technology has changed. Okay, let's go talk while we grab the Ds'. Well, I'm not seeing any, let's ask the friendly associate heading our way. Hummm...doesn't think he has any. Nope and all Best Buys in the area are sold out. B r e a t h e.....Any chance they might get more? They are schedule to arrive any day and will go quick. We just have to check back. No problem, yeah right. Hey, I can always order online. Nope. Sold out. So now I have to resort to calling Best Buy for the next (oh my god scary) next 2 weeks because we leave in 2 weeks (that's what's scary!) Just when I thought the anxiety was over.

Then's there's Jayden. My sweet, loving, adorable, MONSTER. The kid decided for himself he wanted to take up resident in our bed again. Not gonna happen. So, for 4 days now, we have been fighting. Morning, noon and night. He takes us about an hour to get the kid settled down at night. He goes to bed screaming, wakes up at least 2 times a night screaming and gets up in the morning screaming. God help us. Last night I told Kreg, maybe he's retaliating against us for me working or he's not feeling well. We've got our 2 week check-up tomorrow with the ENT. We pray he's not feeling well and this nightmare will end soon. Because we never seen such a mean streak in a child. He screams, throws himself and everything in sight at you. He throws himself on the ground, he slams doors, he pounds on things, and yes, he's only 2, almost 3. I don't know how to handle it. His strength is scary. Kreg and I are both exhausted from dealing with this. HELP!!