Saturday, December 16, 2006

when it rains, it pours.

get ready for this one!

what I was expecting to be a low key Saturday didn't much turn out that way.

woke up this morning and knew I had to make the candle deliveries I was suppose to do yesterday. It was going to be a busy weekend for my stores and they wanted more, more, more.

so, I am about 10 minutes from home when I get this frantic phone call from Kreg. evidently he need some medical TLC. something about he was sweeping, the broom broke, blood was everywhere and to hurry home. after all my hell and wanting to go to the ER, I told him to suck it up. he ain't going either. then I called back and said if you really need to go, go and I'll stay home with the kids. I still really couldn't figure out what happened. and luckily, neighbors across the street are a doctor and nurse. I told him to go find out from the doctor if the minor emergancy room the nurse worked at was open. he ran the kids to another neighbors house and went to see the doctor. doctor said yep that he was going to need stitches and the minor ER was open. so I get home and realize that our broom was metal and somehow, when he was sweeping, the broom broke and his finger got stuck inbetween the pieces and sliced about a quarter sized round piece in his ring finger pretty darn deep. his finger was about 5 times the normal size and blood was everywhere. him, floor, sink. so we rush off to the minor ER. he ends up with 7 stitches, hydrocodone and an antibotic.

needless to say, since we are all on antibotics now, we should hopefully have everything out of our system before next weekend.