Saturday, November 18, 2006

surviving our stay at children's hospital

we survived surgery and staying at the hospital without too much drama!

kreg and jayden headed down to children's hospital, while hunter and I went shopping for our little guy. surgery was over by about 9:30. children's hospital was full so we were placed in a room over a brackenridge on the children's floor. it was terribly sad. but from the moment hunter and I walked into the doors, we were greeted with the most wonderful people and the boys were given so much. from new cars, books, movies, games, snacks, and more. it was so wonderful to be in such a caring place. the hardest part was seeing the terminally ill children and the children who had been in and out of the hospital their whole lives. the gut-rentching stories parents had, you see the pain in their eyes and you couldn't do enough to reach out to them. children who had had more surgeries than birthday's. it was hard but we understood just the company and talking was doing them some good. both boys had such a wonderful time in the playroom, library, and at movie night. who wouldn't love a movie night were you are treated to a FREE snack bar just like the movie theater offers. kreg ended up spending a tough night with jayden and they were able to come home today. overall, it was fun, but pretty rough for jayden. some nurses didn't believe in round the clock pain meds, but one we found one who did, things got better. though, we are still looking at a 7-10 recovery period. let's just pray all goes well.