Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So, Thanksgiving was eventful as usual. (why oh why am I looking forward to spending 5 days in the mountains with my family?)

The boys spent most of Thanksgiving morning cutting any and everything out of all the “Black Friday” ads that arrived in the paper. Only to bring all those lovely little pieces of paper home to scatter them around the fireplace so that, in Hunter’s words, “Santa gets their message.” Back when the 1st ‘cool’ spell hit, Hunter asked to toast marshmallows in that place where Santa gets into his house. So now our fireplace is associated with anything Santa.

Mom, Marsais, and I spent all morning slaving in the kitchen to prepare all the side dishes and deserts, and the men only had one job, FRY THE TURKEY. Well, they throw the turkey in the fryer and sit down to a game of dominoes and beer. Needless to say, the turkey fried all right. Fried itself BLACK. Thankfully, not all was burned and we were able to enjoy a little.

I drove home Thursday night to get some rest before the dreaded black Friday weekend. Must have been too quiet in the house because I couldn’t sleep. The boys and Kreg spent the weekend in La Grange fishing, hunting, and having a blast.

Jayden’s surgery went smashing, but he was a little fussy. We figured the ENT gave us that big bottle of Tylenol with codeine + a refill for a reason. By Thursday, Jay was still very fussy. Finally, he dawned on me. Umm……Tylenol with codeine will make you constipated. The poor child hadn’t pooped in almost a week. Hell, no wonder he was fussy and wouldn’t eat. I felt like such a great mother. After pumping him full of V8 and straight apple juice, the kid finally is himself again!

While at Nana and Popo’s house, Popo pulled out the go-kart for Hunter to ride. The kid was in heaven until him and Nana ran into a tree that he swears fell from the sky because it wasn’t there before. Hunter popped up and hit his cheek and just said his butt hurt from hitting the bar in the seat, until further investigation. Nana was worse off with a sprained ankle. Sunday night as Hunter was swimming in the bathtub, I noticed a very nasty looking bruise in the place no man wants to get hurt. The poor child is black and blue and red. He swears it doesn’t hurt, but man, I’m just worried the kid is now sterile.

Yesterday was the 1st day to take the kids to the sitters. I was an emotional wreck. My anxiety levels were super high. It didn’t help that I overslept, the kids didn’t want to get up and I still hadn’t had a chance to do their laundry. We arrived and Hunter ran in to never be seen again but Jayden clung to me. He was still screaming when I got into the car. It didn’t last long though and both boys enjoyed themselves and even took naps! Woo-hoo!!